Day 124. Save the Princess, Mario

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I went to a seminar put on by LA Casting today. It was in a senior citizen center. They’ve already decorated for 4th of July. The seminar was actually pretty good. The special guest was a woman who has directed many TV shows. She spoke about her experiences, brought a couple of actors along to demonstrate a scene, and answered questions.

My big takeaway: I have a ton to learn. I think we tend to take notice of things when they show us that we have a lot to learn, or that we’re good at what we do. The things in the middle just kind of happen and then pass by. Today was one of those, “Yikes, I have no idea what I’m doing moments.” It made me want to take some film acting classes and learn a lot more about the industry.

I kind of feel like Mario running to save the Princess. I’m running and jumping and making my way, sometimes I feel small, and sometimes I feel big, and other times, I even feel like I’ve got the super star and fire flower. and I’m in destructible. I’m picking off turtle shells and the little owl thingys. But, those are fleeting. Aways in, I’ll get knocked down and have to start over, but I don’t mind, I’m learning more each time. The next time through, I might miss the growing mushroom thingy, but I learned about the secret place down the pipe that has the coin free for all. Eventually, I make it to the end and I feel like, “Alright, I know this, I’ve got this down. I know what I’m doing here.” I jump and shimmy down the flagpole, run into the castle and they tell me, “The Princess is not here, she’s in another castle.”


I thought I had it figured out. It turns out there are a lot more levels and a lot more worlds. People are going to throw fireballs at me, I’m going to have to go through an underwater level, there are going to be creatures throwing hammers at me. There are going to be lava pits. The point is, every time I think I’ve got it down is when I learn how little I know and how long the process is. The only way to know more is to experience more and more.

But, the thing I might run my head into next will explode open revealing a mushroom, and I’m big again. Or, I may get a chance to warp ahead.

I’m just going to keep running my head into things and keep trying to slide down pipes to make sense of it all.

A Start A Start A Start A Start A Start



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4 responses to “Day 124. Save the Princess, Mario

  1. Julie H

    I hope you don’t run into any of those skeleton turtles. They freak me out.

  2. Meaghan

    Maybe you will even find a Yoshi to help you out on your journey!! Then you can lick the competition up and spit them back out! 😀

  3. this is maybe the best and most relatable analogy for acting that I’ve ever heard. nice work!

  4. leah

    you’re all good until you get to those levels that force you forward and don’t let you go back. those give me crazy anxiety.

    you are going to have to give me and matthew all kinds of living in LA tips. 🙂

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