Day 125. He’s Got to Be Naked Under That Towel

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I’m not sure why we were in a hotel lobby, but that is where we were for my second interview in a week. This time I was interviewing for a writing position with a magazine. It went pretty well, I think the guy liked me, so I will not give a play by play of it. Play by plays are for the interviews that I think I have no chance at. We’ll see.

We then went to church, and not much else the rest of the day. I stayed up super late capturing footage from old Mystery Hours to put together a hosting reel. Again, the reel is your video resume. Just like I currently have professional, acting, writing, retail, and serving resumes, I also have acting, commercial, voiceover, and now hosting reels. This is getting ridiculous. I’m tempted to make a Hey, Just Trust Me, I’d Be Perfect For You, Call Me reel and resume.

Since we didn’t do much today I will relay a story I forgot to share from Friday.

We were laying on the beach in beautiful Malibu. We had been laying there awhile and were talking after we had both been napping. When we had awoken from our slumber there were a lot more people on the beach. There was one guy in particular who was near us. He was middle aged, maybe a former surfer with somewhat scraggly blonde hair and his shirt off.

At a certain point, he got up and walked to the edge of the water. He caught my eye because he seemed to only be wearing a small towel.

Jeff: Hey, you think that guy’s naked under that towel?

Michelle: I don’t know

Jeff: $10 says he’s is.

Michelle: Yeah, it looks pretty weird

Jeff: He’s got to be naked under that towel.

As if on cue, the man bends over to feel the water with his hands.

Michelle and Jeff: Whooooaaaaaa! Aaaaaagggghhhh!

His bending over revealed his conch shell and hermit crabs.

Michelle:  That settles that.

Jeff: He appears to be a Philistine.


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One response to “Day 125. He’s Got to Be Naked Under That Towel

  1. So you are saying your wife owes you a 10 spot? 🙂

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