Day 126. Confidence Restored?

Monday June 27, 2011

I had interview number 3 today of this week. This was for the Apple Store. It was the first one I was kind of excited about, so I was a little nervous. It was a group interview. Before this week, I had never done a group interview, now I have done three. I won’t go into too many details because I I would like to get this job. There were some good characters in the interview, but I will hold off on that as well. It lasted like three hours, and I think I did pretty well.

Let’s talk about confidence though.

After the interview I was really excited because it went well and I thought, “Oh yeah, I can be impressive and well spoken, I totally forgot about that.” I am by no means cocky, and never have been, you can ask my brother Jon, for whom I dedicated my don’t be cocky efforts when we were kids. However, I’ve always felt confident and I know what I’m good at and don’t really get intimidated by people or situations. Like a lot of adults, I’ve just felt like I have a baseline level of confidence.

As much as I would like to think that it is based only internally, I’ve realized that is not necessarily the case, because of the surprising nature of the feeling of confidence, meaning that it had been lacking. In my previous life, I had many instances in a given day, or week, that made me feel competent, or successful, or impressive. A few months ago, I mostly only had positive reinforcement and was surprised by few negative instances.

I guess doing job interviews that weren’t a fit, and being bypassed in auditions were speaking to me a bit. Given the void of positive situations career wise, the negative ones seeped into my confidence a bit. I think this can be why people searching for a job for months or years will get so discouraged, and people that are surrounded positive reinforcement don’t understand so well.

This is not to say I’m down and discouraged, I was just surprised by the surprise of feeling capable. I hadn’t lost confidence, I had just forgotten that I have confidence.

Later in the day, I got a call back for a one on one interview with Apple.

Then, Michelle and I went to have dollar tacos with some friends at a restaurant to celebrate Michelle’s birthday. Yes, she’s been here a little over a week. Yes, she already had people throw here a birthday party.




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2 responses to “Day 126. Confidence Restored?

  1. Alicyn Jennings

    turns out your wife is pretty awesome…which you probably know.

  2. Jon

    Let’s be clear here… Your commitment to ME not being cocky says nothing about whether or not you are cocky…
    Now I don’t think you are cocky— but I am not so sure about your logic

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