Day 130. Answering Comments

Friday, July 1, 2011

Saturday is the premiere of my new talk show, That Guy From… I’m calling it the best late night talk show in LA. That is subjective. Paul Eiding, who is a phenomenal voice actor is going to be on the show. He was the voice of Perceptor on the original Transformers cartoon.

Side note: My grandma, Joan, has a new post on her blog. Check it out.

I promised awhile back that I would reply to comments put on this blog, and then I followed up by failing at it immediately.

So, I will take some time to reply to those questions now, in bulk. This is the Sam’s of replying to comments.

From Amanda…It seems like you arrive for things late and/or sweaty a lot…

Amanda, your observational skills are second to none. I always try to get places exactly on time, I don’t like being early. One of my biggest achilles’ heels is thinking I can get more in than I actually can in a given allotment of time. This is especially true on my bike, creating the sweaty situations.

From Andy…So considering your phobia, is it safe to say you will never kiss Tom Selleck?

This is in reference to me having a phobia of fuzzy things going in my mouth. I would say I will never kiss Tom Selleck, and that is not the only reason. I would however kiss Magnum PI. It’s different, he’s a character.

From Jon…Let’s be clear here… Your commitment to ME not being cocky says nothing about whether or not you are cocky…

Now I don’t think you are cocky— but I am not so sure about your logic

Jon, is my brother, and he is taking issue with my logic that because I didn’t want him to be cocky, that I am also not cocky. First of all, Jon, stop being cocky. Secondly, it works logically, I hate cockiness all around, for anyone, as evidenced by my not allowing you to be cocky. Thirdly, stop being cocky.

From Shawn…

I think if you knew how robots really talk, you probably would avoid that little mistake.   

That is the single weirdest thing I have ever seen. I can’t decide whether to put you on comment probation, or exalt you. I will compromise and suspend you for two days, Prince Shawn.

From Rob…“Michelle was my Rosie Perez.” Pure literary awesomeness.

“Will you get me a glass of water? I too know what it’s like to thirst.”

From Katie…Temple Grandin was a made for TV movie, not a mini series. Sorry :(

Love reading your blog, btw!

I watched it on my DVR, over a few nights. Gray area.

From Jay…I would like for you to take over hosting the Tonight Show.

Wow, cool, thanks. That would be great. Wow, I’m honored.

From Jay…Just kidding.

I’ve heard of this before. Don’t be cocky.



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2 responses to “Day 130. Answering Comments

  1. Julie H

    I think you should take over for David Letterman. He’s lost his midwestern edge. You have not.

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