Day 131. The Best Late Night Talk Show in LA…Ever

Saturday, July 2, 2011

This is the latest I’ve posted in a day. My apologies to my fan.

Before I moved out here I had an idea. I wanted to continue to do a talk show, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to find a venue for it, so I thought, “What if I held it in an apartment?” I thought it could be a cool, intimate way to continue doing a talk show. Then, I had the idea, “What if I could interview actors that people recognize, but are not so big that everybody knows their name?”

Tonight that happened.

It’s exciting when ideas come to fruition. Ross had offered up his place. He lives in a cool loft that is all wood and concrete. It has a kitchen and a bedroom when you walk in and then a big living room upstairs in the lofted area with hardwood floors. After an awesome hike in the morning that may or may not have involved swimming in our underwear in a pool of water formed by the stream before it became a waterfall, that also may or may not have involved a surprised hiker who came upon us, Michelle and I headed over to Ross’s place.

We moved the furniture out of the way, hung lights, and got the video stuff ready to go. This took a lot longer than I’m making it sound. There was a lot to do. Ross is pretty particular and knowledgeable on lighting and camera stuff, so that really helped. We then put the 20 chairs out Ross had rented for a mere $10. With the couch and a couple other chairs, we had about 25 seats. Someone asked me how long it takes to prepare a little show like this, and I told him that it takes a lot longer than I would like to admit.

Then people started showing up. We got everyone upstairs and started the show. There was no backstage for me to go to, so I hid behind a curtain in full view of everyone while the intro played.

We had the monologue, a bit about a laugh track, an animated video I created about the Beautiful Starbucks, Things I’ve Noticed to start the show. In addition, like Oprah, we had a treat under everyone’s seat as a prize (an off brand can of Sprite, and a Starburst).

Then, I brought up Paul Eiding, who among other things is a voice actor known for playing Perceptor on the original Transformers, and voicing a lot of video game characters. He was great, and an easy, interesting, and funny interview.

Michelle and I got up (she was running the computer for the show), and did a dramatic reading of Craigslist Missed Connections. 

Before the show began, we had the audience write down a line from their favorite personal story. Then, I picked one out of a hat and had the person come up and I interviewed them about the story. I loved this part of the show. I chose Chelsea’s story about her current internship where she had to get an specialty epileptic seizure companion dog for her boss. She was hilarious. Then, we had the musical guest play and we called it a show.

It was really fun. Ross’s place was great for it. It felt like a house concert, where a musician plays a concert in someone’s house, or backyard. Very intimate, and more like  neighbors telling stories than a show. I love crap like that. I loved how we got the second guest up there. There are a lot of lines of stories that I will share on here another time, they’re hilarious. I don’t know what will come from this show, but I want to do it again, and maybe nothing has to come from it, and probably that is fine.

After the show, we went to a dive bar and sang karaoke.




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2 responses to “Day 131. The Best Late Night Talk Show in LA…Ever

  1. Marthy

    Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to have a front row seat 🙂 Miss you – Happy 4th!

  2. Rick Parks

    What a cool sounding show. I really hope that takes off for you.

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