Day 132. Auditions Galore

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I probably get an audition, on average, like one every couple of weeks.

Today, I had three. Here are there summaries.

Audition Number One

This was at the New York Film Academy located near Burbank. I found out about the audition before I went to bed at like 1:30 that morning. I arrive early, but I can’t find the entrance. This is one of my audition tips, get there early, you usually have to look for parking and/or, can’t find where you are supposed to go. The security guard pointed me in the right direction. Three minutes later, I’m back asking her to give me more specifics. She shows me and I say, “Oh, the room with all the people I walked by.”

There is a receptionist, I think. Well, I should say, there was a girl behind a desk talking on a phone, literally, about who she slept with recently. I stand and wait for her to get done. She acts as if I was the one making it awkward.

I get into the audition, where I’m auditioning for the role of office crush, which I’m sure would make former coworkers laugh. Lay off, guys. I’m crushable. The audition goes well.

For this role, I would have to kiss a girl…on the face. Michelle gave me the go ahead.

While I was waiting for that audition, I noticed that an audition I had heard back from the night before happened to be auditioning next door.

Audition Number Two

“Hey, I got a notice saying you guys wanted me to audition, but I hadn’t heard back again. Is it cool if I do it now?” I ask.

“Sure, here are the sides, do you want some time?” says the guy, who looks a little likeBobby Budnick on Salute Your Shorts.

I say, “Yes,” and go out to the hallway to practice.

I come back into the room. Generally, I try to be funny and try to be charming during auditions. The three people in the room are having none of it. Typical Budnick. It goes alright, but they keep wanting me to make it sadder, as the role is of a really depressed guy. I try to think of my 1991 Red Sox little league team that only won one game. I didn’t see myself getting the role, but then the guy has me read for the other guy in the scene. We’ll see, if I get anything in that film, it will be that guy.

I made a joke, laughed on the inside, and left.

I got in the car and drove to Compton.

Audition Number Three

Well, it wasn’t Compton, but I drove through Compton. I went to a college in Carson. I was supposed to park in lot 6, which it turns out, is not labeled. Eventually, I figure it out, and find my first clue. There are handwritten signs saying, “Audition,” with an arrow. There are a bunch of them that seem to take me all over campus. I felt like I was searching for buried treasure. After taking fourteen paces due east from the Dr. Pepper machine, I found myself in the right place. They told me to stop digging and come in.

They were much more jovial.

I was auditioning for the role of a guy, who in this scene, was breaking up with his girlfriend. Audition tip, number two, don’t match the energy of the person reading the lines with you, they’re not trying to act. In my first take, I did that, and sounded apathetic about the breakup. I got to do it again, and this time brought the emotions.

I drove from there to Santa Monica to go to the beach with Michelle, and our friends, Evan and Kerstin. The beach was cool and cloudy, we didn’t last too long. We went back to their place and grilled out and watched TV.

At one point, for fun, we tried to produce tears on command.

I can’t do that.

I have a long way to go.

I bet Budnick can.


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One response to “Day 132. Auditions Galore

  1. Amanda

    The party game of trying to produce tears on command is making me giggle. I’ll probably suggest we try it next time I’m in a group.

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