Day 134. One Night, I Went on a Date With a Dead Body

Tuesday, July 6, 2011

Here are a few things.

This is a video we used on the show Saturday night. A security camera captured an encounter I had outside the Beautiful Starbucks.

I mentioned the other day that for That Guy From…we had people write down a line, or a one sentence summary of their favorite personal story. Then, we selected one person and I interviewed them during the show. After the show, I looked at all the lines people had written down.

They’re so good.

So I thought I would share them.

Here they are, lines from the best stories, from the best audience in Los Angeles late night.

-My father used to take me sledding in a child’s coffin when I was 5.

-So, I was rearing back with my slingshot and had the car right where I wanted it…

-Standing backstage at the House of Blues, Dave Chappelle approached me and asked me for a joint…

-One night I went on a date with a dead body

-The time I had to go pee in Times Square during the dropping of the ball.

-I woke up to my alarm clock one morning with completely numb legs and I army crawled across my room to turn it off.

-Do you think Gloria would mind if I shit in her car?

Tonight, Michelle and I went to have dinner with relatives of mine that I had only talked to over the phone. I met my grandma’s cousin, and her daughter, Suzanee, and family. Suzanne has helped me make some connections out here. We had a great time, and as appropriate when you visit family, we left with a lot of tupperware filled with food.


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  1. I’m way behind on the blog reading, but that video was fantastic!

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