Day 136. Spec Commercials. I Can Do Those!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

As reader, Amanda, pointed out, I often arrive places hot and sweaty. I believe this is due to a combination of liking to ride my bike and not arriving ever arriving really early. I had an audition at a coffee shop in Los Feliz today. Yeah, weird. It was for these two guys that are doing a spec commercial. The commercial involves a patient talking to his psychiatrist.

I sat down and chit chatted for a bit, then they gave me the script to look over. I looked over it and we read it sitting amongst others on the patio of the coffee shop. It went fine, but I was mostly excited about talking to them about the spec commercial business.

So, here’s the deal. There are people out there, like these two guys, that make commercials for companies unsolicited. Either they will find out about a new product coming out, or the company will say that they are looking for spec commercials and include a bit about what they’re looking for. Then, these guys will come up with an idea for a commercial, cast it, film it, and try to sell it to the company.

I can do that.

How many times have I come up with commercial ideas for a product and told Michelle? A zillion.

I love finding out about new aspects to the industry. There is so much more than just actor, writer, director.

Here are some tagline ideas, just from what’s in my room, that I think I can sell.

-Books. “Books, we’re still here!”

-Sunglasses. “Sunglasses, not just for outside anymore, right, douchey people?”

-Headphones. “Sometimes real life gets too hard. Escape. Headphones.”

-Blanket. “Screw duvets, from now on we call them Freedom Blankets. When you grab a blanket, you’re grabbing America.”

-Kleenex. “For when you’re a mom and your purse has too much free space. Kleenex, taking up space in purses since 1946.”

-Jean Shorts. “Remember us? Like the cousins you wish you could forget, we’re back to visit.”

-Backpack. “Say you need to get around town in a hurry, but you have also killed a man, where do you turn? You turn to a backpack. Backpacks offer you the freedom of movement you’ve robbed from someone else. Backpacks!”

Rocking chair. “For the person who likes to sit, but also likes to rock!”

Shoes. “A hat for your feet!”

Feel free to add your own in the comments.



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2 responses to “Day 136. Spec Commercials. I Can Do Those!

  1. shawn.chevalier

    I just have to say. I really am starting to look forward to your posts. You really crack me the hell up!

  2. Video Games “Escaping the real world since 1982”

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