Day 137. Doy, Jeff, Doy

Friday, July 8, 2011

My cousin-cousin-cousin Suzanne has a friend that she connected me with, named Jeff. He’s a commercial casting director. I call him every so often just to keep my name in his head. Yesterday, he called me to say he had something for me. It was for a car commercial that would air in South Korea. I thought, “Perfect! One of my goals in coming out here was to be big in South Korea.”

In my past life, I liked to play things cool and not get too up or too down about things. Naive excitement usually turns into foolishness at some point. I went to bed at a reasonable hour so I wouldn’t have bags under my eyes, then got up early to iron clothes so that I looked “upscale casual.” This took me awhile because my usual look is “lowbrow fancy.”

My role in the commercial would be as someone with a group of friends out on the town who stop to take a look at this awesome car that passes by. I practiced on the way there as I passed various cars. “Oooh, check out that Corolla,” and “Hot damn, is that a Sunfire?” and “Have mercy, that Prius seems to be accelerating uncontrollably.”

I parked and walked in. The place was buzzing with activity. What Jeff meant by he “had something for me,” meant that he had an audition for me. Of course. Naive excitement turned into foolishness. I’m so used to that now that I roll with it. Hollywood lesson, never count your chickens until they are hatched, slaughtered, and on your plate.

It actually wasn’t disappointing it was more a feeling of, “of course.” As Teresa, an elementary school classmate would say, “Doy.” I got in line to do the audition. There were six of us in the audition at one time. We filed in and stood in a line facing the camera. They took a picture of us one by one. Then, we stepped out one at a time said our name, turned to our profiles, and finally turned all the way around. They’re mostly looking for a certain look. I gave them, “Guy trying to look sexy, who is not actually.”

Then, they brought us in front of the camera two at a time and we improvised the commercial. So, we made up dialogue and then we turned to the camera as the “car” went by. The car was the casting director’s hands. I was put with a handsome guy, we talked about how he liked my suit. My character played it cool. The car drove by and I tried to get my face to say, “Oh yeah, check out that guy’s hands. I wonder how many MPGs they get. They sure are sleek and sporty, yet overwhelmingly practical. I want those hands.”

I came home and Michelle and I went to the beach.

I try to have some days where we prioritize her, since I have so many goings on here. If given the choice, she chooses the beach. We went to Santa Monica. The water was warm enough to get in and the waves were big. It was super fun. The ocean is one giant Neti Pot and I love that.


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  1. “never count your chickens until they are hatched, slaughtered, and on your plate” deserves to be on a shirt.

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