Day 139. Fascinating Articles from the Past

Sunday, June 10, 2011

In honor of me getting the job freelancing, and in honor of me not doing much on Sunday, I have decided to provide you with links to articles I have written in the past. This is from my Mystery Hour website. I have decided that I’m going to start posting on that site some as well. I haven’t done it for a long time, and I miss the creativity of it. The strange thing is that when you are working hard to put yourself in a position to make money using your creative or artistic skills, you end up using none of them. You mostly use marketing and promotional skills. I like being creative, so I’m going to try to start posting over there again. I know that my fan is excited.

Here are my articles. I would recommend the longer profiles. They are about some fascinating people. Seriously, I just looked at them again, they are cool people. 

-Elvis’s guitarist

-George Harrison’s sister and the first time publication of letter she’s saved about the Beatles

-A blind author/singer/speaker

-And a guy who is a land mine expert because he had his legs blown off by one.

-Also, you can read about my experience with adult braces, my first article ever.

Jeff writes an article called What’s Your Favorite? for 417 Magazine featuring one guest who will appear on the next Mystery Hour.

What’s Your Favorite? Current Issue

What’s Your Favorite? Archive

Other 417/GO Magazine Articles:

The Man with the Shiny Smile

Divebar Reviews

Grocery Shopping with Yakov Smirnoff

Mr. Clean

Cents of Pride: Good Will Starts Early

Longer Profiles

Elvis’s Right Hand Man, Johnny Wilkinson, longtime guitarist for Elvis

Ken Rutherford, MSU Professor, landmine victim, and expert

Louise Harrison of Liverpool Legends, and George Harrison’s Sister

Corporal Maggie McDowell, Springfield Police Department Sexual Crimes Investigator

Jennifer Rothschild, Speaker, Author, Musician

Fair City News is Springfield’s satirical news source. Jeff occasionally writes for them.

Apple Posts Record Profits Due to one Local Fanboy

Google Crushes Local Mom and Pop Search Engine

Heer’s and Gillioz Buildings Sent to Remedial Spelling Classes

This Year Nixa Sinkhole is Financial

Hot Chick at ICON Actually Waving to Guy Behind Dude

Wehrenberg Steeds Escape out Back of Theater


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  1. Google Crushes Local Mom and Pop search engine was classic. Great work my friend.

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