Day 144. Mystery Hour Promo Video Premiere

Friday, July 16, 2011

My friend, Grant, has started a company promoting some touring acts. He’s a really hard worker, and I think he will be really successful. So, I was excited when he came to me with the idea of having The Mystery Hour be one of those acts. I’ve always thought that The Mystery Hour could work as a touring act where I could interview local guests, and have on local bands and comedians, but I never had the time, energy, or know-how to make it happen. Grant does.

All he needed was a promotional video for The Mystery Hour. In November, I asked, Nate, who has done all the awesome video stuff for the show if he would make one. He never got around to it. So, nine months later, I made one this week. It is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Here is the world premiere of The Mystery Hour promo video.

I’m very excited, because it is the last of the videos I wanted to finish when I moved out here. I’m done…for now. Something else will come up…but now, I don’t have it hanging over my  head.

We’ll see if anything comes from it, I think it would be really fun to travel putting on The Mystery Hour.



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5 responses to “Day 144. Mystery Hour Promo Video Premiere

  1. Love it! And it makes me miss the Mystery Hour. Next stop, S-Town!

  2. Leora Houghton

    I realize I am your mother but I LOVE this!!

  3. Gosh that’s exciting! Very professional. Do it! You should pack up your little car (not your bike) and go every Friday night up and down the coast doing this! Do it!

  4. Love the Promo video! Great job editing.

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