Day 145. Motivational Videos

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I mostly just finished my Mystery Hour promo video today, went for a jog, and went to an improv show at UCB, with my friend, Tyler, who is visiting. 

Michelle and I can feel that feeling of her time starting to tick down here. We’re feeling morose about it, plus we don’t feel any closer to knowing how this plays out, I’ve got a raging sinus infection again, but can’t really afford medicine. Have I mentioned that I hate our health care system before? I do. I’m voluntarily, temporarily poor, I can’t imagine being someone who is actually poor having to wonder about how they will pay for medicine they need.

I got out my trusty iPhone and played a clip for Michelle from Lord of The Rings to inspire us. It is the part where Samwise is inspiring Frodo to keep going. It does not necessarily apply to us, because they were talking about defeating actual evil and battling against orcs, and Saruman. I’m talking about defeating mucous, but it’s inspiring.

Here’s a montage of motivational movie moments. Try to not get fired up while watching this, even if you only get fired up to watch movies.



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