Day 146. Comparative Study of Dog Parks and Jr. High Dances

Sunday, July 18, 2011

Today we lived Michelle’s perfect day. We went to a church that she really likes, we went to a “renegade” craft fair, and we went to a dog park. You can have the beach, Hollywood Boulevard, and Beverly Hills, Michelle will take this day a dog park. Yesterday, I tweeted that if Michelle were ever to leave me for someone it would be that craft fair. They flirted a bit, but no vows were ever broken. It was very cool. It’s fun to be around so much creativity. Did you know that Michelle is crafty? It’s true, she’s great at adapting clothing with her sewing skills. She stopped when she started grad school a few years ago and hasn’t started up again. I’m trying to get her to start again.

We then came down to my aunt and uncle’s house in Orange County to have dinner and stay the night. Plus, Monday, I’m going to clean their carpets for cash. Will I do anything for money at this point? Yes. Do I also strangely like cleaning carpets? Yes.

So, my uncle John, took us down to the dog park with their dog, Nellie. I don’t know what kind of dog Nellie is, but she is a small, white, fru-fru dog. We arrive and there are all kinds of dogs running around with their owners standing and chatting. A friendly dog comes up to play with Nellie and she, in turn, tries to bite the other dog’s face off. This happens often. John has to keep intervening (unsuccessfully). To me, there is nothing funnier than a well put togfether, generally in control, middle aged man rendered useless unsuccessfully attempting to discipline a small dog. For ever other aspect of their life, they are in charge, calm, cool, and collected, but a 12 pound hypo-allergenic furball wins.

As I was watching the dogs run around and socialize I realized how closely it resembled an eighth grade dance. Here are the similarities and differences.


Both have a group of well adjusted boy and girls who are flirting with each other.


Dogs smell each other’s butts. Boys smell like their dad’s cologne.


Both have chaperones, some who seem to be into it, and some who are just flirting with each other.


The chaperones at the dog park, love their dogs, and want what’s best for them.


There is always one boy who is anti-social, pooping in the corner.


The dog does it on purpose.


Often times a fight will break out.


During the fight, a dog will bare it’s teeth as a threat. During the fight a boy will hide his teeth, so he doesn’t get punched in the braces.


There is a great discrepancy in size amongst the attendees.


In junior high, the girls are always the tall ones.


There are often boys who don’t understand the social norms of when flirting becomes chasing.


A boy dog will relentlessly try to hump a girl dog…just kidding, that’s the same at both places.

Any others you can add?



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One response to “Day 146. Comparative Study of Dog Parks and Jr. High Dances

  1. Leora Houghton

    Only that we used to have that white fru-fru dog that was soooooo scary! (Except to you and Scott!)

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