Day 151. I Landed a Role. Honk! Honk! Triple Play!

Friday, July 22, 2011

When we were playing kickball for gym class, or during recess in 6th grade at Herbert Hoover Elementary, I wasn’t picked first, and I wasn’t picked last, I was somewhere in between. I would say I was picked before the middle. Puberty was starting for some of the kids, but for me it would be a long ways off.

I can remember one gym class game vividly. My team was in the field. Bryan Plumb was up and kicked a good shot down the left field line. Merrill Coleman, the fastest kid in the school, started tearing around the bases. Jason Titze fielded the ball in left and threw to me around third base. In what some (me) have called, my greatest athletic act, I got the ball, spun and threw towards Merrill, who was about to slide into home. In what seemed like eternity, the ball soared perfectly in the air while he was making his last strides. Then, boom, it clocked him in the head. “Out!” yelled Mrs Urban, the gym teacher.

Merrill was ticked off. I was stunned and a little excited. I wasn’t aiming for his head, but it was an astounding play.

The next half inning came up and Merrill was still mad. Amazingly, my team managed to get caught in the mystical triple play. I don’t remember the circumstances, I just remember Merrill’s response.

He ran towards me jumping and grabbing his crotch yelling, “Honk! Honk! Triple play! Honk! Honk! Triple Play!”

It’s a phrase I will occasionally say to this day. Michelle and my family know it well.

A lot of my time here I’ve felt like Merrill. I feel like I’ve been hit right before I’m going to slide into home. Finally, the ball missed me and I slid into home. Well, I got a thing in a thing. Well, I auditioned for a role and I got cast. It was the audition I had on Wednesday that I thought went well, and I had thought the guy said he had a role for me, but I wasn’t sure because I’m not used to hearing things like that in an audition.

It is for a webseries. It’s about four guys who play video games. It’s about their video game life and about their real lives with their girlfriends. I’m not one of those guys, but I’m going to be a featured supporting character. Apparently, I’m going to be their video game arch nemesis, or something. I had been worried about time commitment, but it’s definitely doable in a

He said he needed somebody who could steal scenes and be really funny in a short amount of screen time. He then said, “By the way, what was that monologue you did?” I said, “Oh, that’s my stand up act.” I had done my Latterdaydar joke that some may know. Apparently, he was telling people about it. I will take that. It’s not a big thing, but it’s a thing.

See acting world, I can be chosen.

To you I say, “Honk! Honk! Triple play! Honk! Honk! Triple play!”




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2 responses to “Day 151. I Landed a Role. Honk! Honk! Triple Play!

  1. Juice

    Was that the same game that ended with me getting hit in the face with a chair? It seems like it might have been.

  2. “Honk! Honk! Triple play! Honk! Honk! Triple Play!” = awesome.

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