Day 154. Game Show Audition. Dual Climate Control!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Today, I auditioned for a game show with my friend, Jeremiah. Jeremiah had found out about the audition and had to have a partner for it. Michelle dropped us off at the place in El Segundo and then she drove to the beach. Somehow, we arrived like a half hour early, which is rare. We got up to the room and it was empty. It was a long room with a lot of offices and looked like a business that had been undergone downsizing.

The show is one where they drop two people into a movie set sort of thing and they become the action stars in a movie and have to figure their way out of it while overcoming crazy obstacles.

As we sat, more and more pairs of people arrived. There was the super buff middle aged bouncer pair, the hot girls in matching boots, the brother and sister, the neighbors, two I can’t remember and us, the doofusy guys in their early thirties.

On the wall was a sign saying, “Be prepared to share the three minute story involving you and your partner.” Uh oh. Jeremiah and I don’t really have any good stories together. We met at the Skinny Improv and have hung out a handful of times since I moved here. We started brainstorming, could we tell the story of when we went bowling? What about when he hid under the stage for and hour for a Mystery Hour bit? Could we just make one up?

We decided that we would tell the story of his drive out to LA when he moved. I wasn’t there for it, but his friend Nate was. In this story, I would be playing the role of Nate. Using our improv training we would tell the story as if I was there. Jeremiah told me the story, and I tried to remember it.

They guys from the show got up in front and told us they were mostly looking for personality and at the end of our time they would have a couple of pairs stay a little longer so they could get some more information from them. They stressed that this doesn’t mean that the ones who stayed moved on and the others were eliminated, which in Hollywood speak means, the ones who stayed moved on and the others were eliminated.

The hot girls got up first told them about themselves and then shared a story about a farm in Wisconsin. They were good. They were our competition. Other pairs got up, many of them not showing any personality at all. If you want to get on a game show, you have to show some energy and personality. I should know, I almost got on a game show once. 

Then, it came to us. We bounced up there with high energy and then told “our” story. I lead Jeremiah lead. The story was about how when he drove to LA with Nate, and Nate’s wife his car broke down and then the rental car broke down. I figured I would just add random details making it sound like I was there. 

Here are some of my quotes:

“1999 Buick Regal”

“Dual Climate Control!”

“My wife, Michelle, drove over the parking barrier.”

“Jeremiah and I aren’t together like that, I’m married, to a girl.”

“Then, I had to get out and fix the tire.”

“It was so hot out. Like 117 degrees.”

“I was there, honest, I was.”

After everyone went, the judges left and confered. I was whispering to Jeremiah that we were in for sure. We clearly had the most personality and we were fun and charming. Our only competition was the hot girls on Team Boots.

After a few minutes they came back to announce who they wanted to talk to more. They first announced Team Boots. Okay, fine, one more to go. Then they announced they wanted team brother and sister.

No go.

We left with our heads hung low and waited for Michelle to pick us up. I should have added more details to the story.

Then, we went straight to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was fun and loooong. Plus, I sat right behind a camera man and couldn’t really see they show. However, when Jimmy is announcing the musical guest, you can definitely see me behind him making faces. Check it out. It’s right after the last commercial break.


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  1. “Then, we went straight to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Does that have a hint of an oxymoron in it?

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