Day 155. 12 Things You Should Know When Moving to Hollywood

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I had weird tasting bacon today. I didn’t like it. Not much else happened today. Weird bacon was the highlight on a day that I saw Captain America.

I’ve been thinking about things I would want to know if I was starting over and moving out here to try to make it in Hollywood.

1. It takes awhile, it just does. Getting “discovered” in a mall or something is more of a longshot in my mind now, than it was before I moved and was living in the Midwest. Getting “discovered” after putting in years of hard work seems like more of a possibility than before I moved out here. Make sense?

2. Have a reel. A reel is your video resume. It doesn’t have to be a lot, and it doesn’t have to be from feature length movies. You can write a scene and film it as if it’s a part of a longer movie. The rule with a reel is that you don’t want to put anything of questionable quality on there, even if you really like it. Less is more.

3. Get headshots. Surely, you know someone that can do these for you. Don’t wait until you’re out here, it’s more expensive, and you don’t know which ones are scammy.

4. Find connections. Make a list of friends of friends and friends of friends of friends.

5. Get into a class of some sort here. Do it so you can learn, but also so you can meet people. The sooner you do it, the sooner you get past the lonely phase of moving here. People here are happy to make friends.

6. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable, until they are comfortable. I’m not talking about nudity here. I’ve met a lot of people that are here to act or write, but don’t really do much. I think you can really stand out if you’re the one who is willing to put yourself out there, surprisingly, some people with the same goals aren’t willing to do that.

7. Make mistakes. Again, I’m not talking about nudity. It can be paralyzing to wonder what steps to take when there is no one holding your hand guiding you. Just make some choices, it’s okay if they aren’t the right ones.

8. Look at yourself as a student. This keeps you from the urge to appear like you know what you’re doing. You shouldn’t know what you’re doing right away, it’s okay. It will come.

9. Learn how to be comfortable accentuating your good side. You know how you talk when you’re in a job interview? “Yes, I began the social media program at my current job,” means, “I got on Facebook a lot without my boss knowing.” Here, you’re interviewing a lot, whether through auditions, or meeting people. It’s okay to talk like you started the social media program. I’m still learning this.

10. Sign in when you get to an audition. A friend said she had someone tell her this when she first moved, and then she relayed it to me. I wouldn’t have known it and would have just sat in a waiting room never getting called had she not told me. There is always a sheet for signing in.

11. Write yourself a letter explaining why you are going for this and why you are good enough. I have not done this, but it seems like a great idea. Here’s the thing, you’re confidence goes up and way down all the time. I’ve always thought of myself as pretty consistent in terms of confidence, but that was before I started putting myself out there all the time, now it’s more of a yo-yo. You will need a reminder every once in awhile.

12. The casting directors on the other side of the table in the audition want you to do great. They aren’t Simon Cowell, they’re Paula Abdul. If you’re not great, the audition lasts the same amount of time.

Get in, get out, and go get yourself some regular tasting bacon.



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2 responses to “Day 155. 12 Things You Should Know When Moving to Hollywood

  1. Top Twelve Great Things About Jeff Houghton
    1. He’s very, very outgoing.
    2. He’s funnier than Hell. Which of course really isn’t very funny. Unless your the Devil in which case it is probably HILARIOUS, but I digress, he’s very, very funny.
    3. He has very good ideas, even if he’s the only one who understands them.
    4. He’s cute in that pasty mid-western way.
    5. He’s off beat, off the wall and well, just a bit off.
    6. He likes to learn new things and stores them in his big melon for later use which will most likely result something funny.
    7. He’s reliable and trustworthy.
    8. He’s fun to be around and keeps things rolling along.
    9. He raised the social media presence at our work place by at least 10 notches (mostly through his own web surfing).
    10. He doesn’t mind when people laugh at him and in fact usually encourages it.
    11. He has most likely the best and most patient wife in the universe (no she didn’t pay me to say that).
    12. He has amazing courage in the face of probably the most daunting industry in our country… next to Congress.

  2. Pilgrim

    Can’t wait for someone to Google “bacon nudity.” You’ll pop right up. So you got that going for you, right?

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