Day 159. Moping, History, Homelessness, Flakiness. An LA Day

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I was kind of mopey for much of the day. Then, I bucked up and turned it around and it ended up being pretty interesting. 

While home I got plane tickets to go to Springfield for a wedding in September, I sent out some e-mails I had been dreading, and I called to get prescriptions filled to conquer this sinus infection. Getting prescriptions filled when you don’t have prescription coverage is a far different thing than if you do. Have I mentioned I hate our prescription drug care system? Yes? Good.

I got on my bike, did some errands and rode downtown on Wilshire. It is quite aways away, but I love the ride. If you want to bike in LA, it might be better to have a mountain bike, the streets are that bumpy, especially the edges. I went by a little park commemorating Bobby Kennedy that also has an impressive looking school. Apparently, it is the site of the former Ambassador Hotel, which was the fanciest place on what was the fanciest street in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it is also where Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in 1968. I also saw the Westlake Theatre, a big old theatre that is now a swap meet. Plus, I stumbled upon a carnival in MacArthur Park. I walked through and was the only gringo in sight.

I got downtown and, man, I just love old buildings. I can describe what it is, but it just inspires awe in me. I was exploring all around with a goofy smile under my helmet.

Then, I happened upon Skid Row, the infamous homeless area of Los Angeles. It was breathtakingly sad. The sidewalks were completely lined with homeless people laying up against buildings, standing, or slowly walking around. It’s hard to describe. I got to the next intersection and it was the same thing going both directions of the cross street. I rode around for awhile and it was like nothing I have seen before. The blocks of storefronts would look like a ghost town, if not for the homeless people milling around. It was rattling.

The homeless problem in LA is something I can’t wrap my mind around. There are so many, that it feels entirely daunting as a problem. A fix seems impossible, yet, it’s there, and to ignore feels worse. This is something I ruminate on quite a bit.

After that, I hopped on the subway to head to the Comedy Store, to pick up tickets for my next show. The guy I was supposed to meet didn’t show and didn’t return texts, so I sat there for 2 hours before I found the guy who had the tickets. People talk of an LA flakiness, and every once in awhile I encounter it.

All in all, it was a well rounded LA day.

Michelle had a pretty good day as well. Her sister came to Springfield to be with her for the weekend, and Michelle loved the company.


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