Day 160. That Dream Where You’ve Missed Class All Semester

Sunday, July 31, 2011

So, I’m finally ready to talk about this.

About two weeks ago, I was eating dinner at a little Italian place in Los Feliz with Michelle and her visiting family. Everyone was talking and laughing while my heart sank and my whole body started sweating. The volume of the noise around me turned down and I could only feel my breathing and read the e-mail on my phone.

This was Wednesday. The Friday before, I had filled out my final paperwork at the __________. When I was there the manager said that I will get an e-mail soon about the details regarding my training. I indeed got an e-mail saying that my in store training would be in 10 days, July 25th to the 29th.

At the restaurant, Michelle and I were talking about the training, so I looked up the e-mail again on my phone. When I looked it up, I realized that in the e-mail, she referenced, in passing, another training before the in store training. This realization began my sweating and general freaking out.

There are two different trainings!

If the in store training starts in a week and a half, then the training she referenced must be going on now!

Can you get fired before you go to your first training?!

I started frantically searching my phone for other e-mails about the first training. I can’t find them anywhere. Michelle and her family start realizing that I haven’t talked for awhile and that I’m bright red and glistening. They ask me what is wrong and I respond with a whimpering growl.

Eventually, we get home where I can hopefully not find the missing e-mail on my computer. That way, it was their fault. I can’t find it for awhile. Then, in the best hiding place for important e-mails sat the e-mail in the corner of my spam inbox holding its hands in front of its face. An e-mail explaining that the first training started on July 18th and went to the 21st. It was the 20th as I read it in horror.

Sole breadwinner Michelle actually handled it pretty well. I stayed up watching crappy videos on my computer until I couldn’t keep my eyes open, rather than be stressed out until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

In the morning I called and left a message, tried back again with another message, then retreated to the Beautiful Starbucks to craft an e-mail. I shot off a very apologetic e-mail and waited to hear back. In the meantime, I applied for various jobs online because, like the Apple IIe, I was sure _____ was done with me.

Then, late in the day, I got an e-mail back. I was still on board, but I would have to wait until the next round of training. Huge victory. The bad part was that I was going to have to wait until probably the end of August. The good part, I would be able to hang out more with Michelle before she left. The bad part, I would miss several weeks of income. The good part, I just got an e-mail the other day saying that the training has been moved up to August 15th. The bad part, there is no new bad part.

I’m the iPad. It started out with a lot of hype, followed by a down period where people wondered what they could use it for, only to have a resurgence where people realized it was great, and then it became available in pure white, like my complexion.


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One response to “Day 160. That Dream Where You’ve Missed Class All Semester

  1. Michelle

    love that you compared your skin to a white ipad.

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