Day 161. Readers’ Comments. “Bacon Nudity”

Monday, August 1, 2011

I saw a French action movie today, and let me just say, it was a “tour de force.” It was the best French film I’ve seen since Le Croissant Bonjour. 

I spent some time today working on a short I’m writing that I started writing originally as a Mystery Hour post. When I started it I thought, “Oh, I really like this idea, let’s do more of this.” We’ll see what will come.

I’ve done this once before, I get a lot of comments on this blog, but I rarely respond, so now I wait for them to build up and then I respond to them all at one time. Let’s try this out.

From Pilgrim:

Can’t wait for someone to Google “bacon nudity.” You’ll pop right up. So you got that going for you, right?

I love these comments out of context. Well, I did Google ‘bacon nudity,’ and this site did not pop up. However, I did discover that ‘bacon nudity’ is an actual term. Go ahead, click on this link, I dare you. It’s a thing. I think you can make up any combination of words and someone out there has put them on the internet, just be careful.

From Juice:

Was that the same game that ended with me getting hit in the face with a chair? It seems like it might have been. 

This is in regards to the post I did about kickball. Juice and I went to school together and this is one of those elementary school moments that does not fade away from your memory. I remember it vividly. Usually, those memories involve someone getting hurt.

From Ben:

For the love of God can this be made into a short?

He is referencing my sit and reach post. Yes! Absolutely! Get me Spielberg!

From Pilgrim:

Jeff, What if you killed a person with a SAG card and took theirs? Just trying to help.

Everyone needs a friend like you. If you pull it off, I will look the other way. The only problem is that we will need to kill another Jeff Houghton for it to work. This complicates matters.

From Nate:

From one nice guy to another, good post. Also, if you’re into kickball or know people who are, we’ve got a benefit kickball tournament (for adults) to raise money for kids with disabilities in Springfield on Aug. 27. It’s a blast. E-mail nreed@thearcoftheozarks.orgfor information.

I refuse to promote an event on here. I won’t do it. This will never see the light of day.

From Amanda:

The party game of trying to produce tears on command is making me giggle. I’ll probably suggest we try it next time I’m in a group.

Good, I’m hoping the game will sweep the nation. I’m calling it, “It’s My Party and I’ll…”

From Lisa:

Top Twelve Great Things About Jeff Houghton
1. He’s very, very outgoing.
2. He’s funnier than Hell. Which of course really isn’t very funny. Unless your the Devil in which case it is probably HILARIOUS, but I digress, he’s very, very funny.
3. He has very good ideas, even if he’s the only one who understands them.
4. He’s cute in that pasty mid-western way.
5. He’s off beat, off the wall and well, just a bit off.
6. He likes to learn new things and stores them in his big melon for later use which will most likely result something funny.
7. He’s reliable and trustworthy.
8. He’s fun to be around and keeps things rolling along.
9. He raised the social media presence at our work place by at least 10 notches (mostly through his own web surfing).
10. He doesn’t mind when people laugh at him and in fact usually encourages it.
11. He has most likely the best and most patient wife in the universe (no she didn’t pay me to say that).
12. He has amazing courage in the face of probably the most daunting industry in our country… next to Congress.

By including this comment am I saying that people should send more ego stroking comments like this? Ha ha, that’s preposterous. Yes, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.


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  1. Michelle

    Lisa, thanks for the compliment!

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