Day 164. Live from LAX

I find myself at LAX typing on my phone. My family always gets together once a year and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to go this year due to time and money. Luckily, two things happened, the big communication snafu so I haven’t started my job yet, and my family offered to pay for my flight. I am very excited to see family.

So I will be spending a week in gorgeous Lawrence, KS surrounded by young children, and my siblings, they’re parents. Michelle will come up this weekend, work, and then come up next Friday. I will cone back on Saturday in the morning and then do a show at the Comedy Store that night.

Thursday I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Little Tokyo for the street art exhibit. It was very packed and very cool. If I was more hip, more talented, and more dangerous, I would be a street artist. I’m hoping that comes with maturity.

This is short, there may be more to come later, I’m not sure. I’m on the plane now. Pretty soon they will tell me to shut everything down and I will be forced to live like a person who lived in a time before cell phones.

I’m getting out my discman…



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2 responses to “Day 164. Live from LAX

  1. So you’ll be flying in right before you do a set at The Comedy Store? You have to open with “I just flew in from Kansas City, and boy are my arms tired.” Every comic’s dream, right?

  2. Judy

    Have a great vacation with your family Jeff! Wish we could all be together in Door County.

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