Day 172. The Bat Man

Friday, August 12, 2011

I had fallen asleep with my Walkman on. I was probably listening to Jeff’s Pump up Tape. I was staying on the pull out couch, the one with the bar digging into my back. At some point during the night I started dreaming about bats. This made sense because there were bats everywhere outside the cabin every night. We were on family vacation in Door County, Wisconsin in my grandparents’ cabin on Lake Michigan. It was an idyllic setting, with a great beach and a lake that goes on forever. My family had been vacationing there since my dad was a kid.

Our cabin really was a cabin, with a log exterior, hardwood floors, cozy, without a ton of amenities. Those family vacations were really special and I always looked forward to it. This summer, though, the bats were getting worse. A bat removal specialist had come out to look at the place, and sure enough, there were a lot of bats living in the walls. It turns out that the bunk bed room didn’t smell like pee because of the younger grandkids, it was because of the bats and their grandkids.

At some point my dream about bats that night transfered over to my reality, as dreams sometime do. All I know is that there was a giant bat that landed right next to my head. In an instant I had jumped up on the bed, with bat in hand. I threw it across the room against the wall to get the rabies infested bat away from me.

I stood in a defensive stance on the bed panting for a moment trying to figure out what happened and if the bat had bitten through any skin. I saw the remains of the bat on the floor.

It was strange.

It looked yellow.

With buttons.

And a radio dial.

I had indeed thrown my Walkman against the wall. Either there was strangely a bat attached to my Walkman, or, more likely, I thought my Walkman was a bat and flung it against the wall.

People came out of other parts of the cabin and I stuck to my story that I had just killed a bat…that had somehow vanished…replaced only by a large bat sized Walkman.

Today was my last day of vacation with my family. Even though we were only in my sister’s house in Lawrence, it was still, most definitely, a vacation. We were crammed into a “cabin” where I slept on the living room floor because there were others in every space of the house. I don’t think vacations are about where you are. I think they are about who you are around.

Tomorrow, I will head back to LA, a vacation destination, where I have to work hard, where my dreams and reality mix, as they sometimes do. I do not have a Walkman anymore. Everything will be okay.


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  1. Bwahahaha. Hahaha. Serioiusly. Hehe. That one made me laugh out loud!

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