Day 176. 20 Minute Warning + iPhone = Mute Math

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I had a second day of training today to start my new job. It’s super secretive, so I can’t say much. But, I can talk about the role my iPhone played in my evening.

Michelle was on Instagram, an iPhone app that is essentially a photo social network (also what I use for all of my cool photos on here). She follows a band called Mute Math that we really like. She saw that they were playing at the legendary Troubador in like twenty minutes, so she texted to tell me that. I got on the internet to see if the show was sold out. Indeed.

Luckily, I’m friends with the guitarist and the drummer (6 Mystery Hour appearances between them), so I texted Todd Gummerman, the guitarist, and said, “Todd! You know I live in LA now, I assume, you’re playing at the Troubador tonight. Get this message! Get me in the show!” He texted back to say if I can make it in a few minutes he could meet me out front with the last band list pass.

I got on my Google Maps app and set off on my bike. I arrived sweaty, of course, with a few minutes to spare.

It was a great show. I had never seen them live before.  They just got in from Japan, are playing in Alabama in a few days, and will be in NYC in a week. After the show I hung out with them backstage and realized a few things.

Here is a list of things you can say to normal people that come across as lame when you say it to a cool touring band.

-“I have to get up early tomorrow and sit in a hotel conference room for hours.”

-“Have you tried Extra Strawberry Shortcake gum? It tastes just like strawberry shortcake. Amazing, I don’t know how they do it. Would you like a slice? It’s kind of warm in my pocket though because you guys rocked so hard.”

-“I think I’m going to get Quicken soon.”

-“What a neat show.”

-“Saw a great piece on Nova the other night.”

-“Has anyone ever told you that when you’re singing and playing behind the keyboard that you look like a happy Muppet? You know like when Kermit gets excited and throws his head back and kind of shakes around? Like that.” (I did say that exactly to the lead singer, Paul. He took it pretty well.)

-“Oh man, my alarm clock makes the worst beeping noise, I hate it.”

-“My toenails have an appointment with the clippers tomorrow, not going to be pretty.” (Truthfully, you can’t say that to anyone.)



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2 responses to “Day 176. 20 Minute Warning + iPhone = Mute Math

  1. Nate

    Incredibly jealous that you got to see Mute Math like that.

  2. I would have LOVED to see that. And the kids are both fans after Darren King sent the kids a message that he liked one of their SATO entries! Good guys, great music!

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