Day 177. “There is No Bad Idea” Concept is Challenged

Wednesday, August 18, 2011

I hung out with my friend, Todd, last night again, who I referenced yesterday. He’s in the band Mute Math, whose tour lands them in LA right now. We met up in this really nice hotel where they are staying and walked to get some pizza. When we got back the band and others were in a meeting in the hotel restaurant brainstorming video ideas so I sat in trying not to mess anything up. I felt cool.

Eventually, they were talking about some idea that was reminiscent of the season 3 Mystery Hour intro video. I thought, “This is too perfect, I must tell them.” So I spoke up during a lull.

“Hey guys.”

Everyone got quiet and looked at me.

“I know this is my first band meeting and I don’t have any credibility.”

Slight chuckle.

“But, do you want to hear an idea?”

They said sure.

So, I explained my video for my non-televised, Springfield, MO, 229 Youtube views having, intro video to a band with millions of views and are in the midst of a worldwide tour.

(Obviously, I was not suggesting they run into Bass Pro, etc., I was just telling them the concept. Actually, it was directed by Nate Black, who has worked on Mute Math videos before. Dang it! I should have mentioned that.)

“So, there you go,” I said in conclusion.

You know that feeling in a brainstorming session where someone said the idea that made everyone realize that the meeting should end? I created that feeling. The one that makes everyone rethink the, “There’s no bad idea,” concept. It’s a cousin to the feeling immediately following a back and forth ribbing between friends when someone says something that hits too close to home and the play time is over.

Sometimes I can’t understand why I don’t speak up more in groups, and sometimes, I can’t understand how irrationally ballsy and unaware I am. I am an enigma wrapped in a riddle, shrouded in a low melanin casing.

In the spirit of transparency, I should also mention that I was carrying my bike helmet around everywhere in this fancy hotel/restaurant.

Then, we hung out in the large lobby for a long time chatting and watching people walk around. Apparently, it’s a happening nightlife spot.

Side note: I finished my first round of training for my new job. Next stop, in store training. Oh boy. I met a guy in the training that I’m going to play tennis with, and I met a guy who is a surfer who lives by the beach. He told me to come down and we’d go surfing. I said I don’t know how to. He said we could still go. I said that would be awesome because I’ve always wanted to learn. He said that would still be okay. He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. I plan to take him up on the offer. Irrationally ballsy.


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One response to “Day 177. “There is No Bad Idea” Concept is Challenged

  1. Lisa VG

    You know who else used your intro idea, The Adjustment Bureau.

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