Day 178. Beginning Phase 3

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well, we’re on to Phase 3. I wrote about the transition from Phase 1 of my journey to Phase 2 here. Phase 2 was Michelle coming out here for several weeks this summer. Previously, I had titled it, “Get a Job You Damn Hippie.” Well, through some fits and starts I did do that. I had hoped to be in a job during Phase Two, but really I’m starting at the beginning of Phase 3.

Phase 2 Highlights:

-Michelle! There’s something nice about being married and living with your wife. It was so fun having her here, and she had such a good time. I did way way more social and entertainment related things while Michelle was here. .

-Magic Castle. Crazy place, wholly unique.

-Beach. It’s so much easier to go to the beach with someone as opposed to by yourself.

-Discussions. We had a few good discussions of our future on this path. These weren’t “marital discussions,” which just means arguments, they were actual discussions. It’s important for us to be communicating a ton so that we’re always on the same page.

-That Guy From…talk show. I’ve only done one of them so far because I realized that I need to get to know more people. But, that one went really well.

-Less wallowing. Having Michelle around kept me from getting too one tracked mentally. The uncertainty is overwhelming sometimes, but if your wife wants to go to a movie in a half hour, you only have 30 minutes max for dedicated wallowing.

-I got cast in a web series, no, I haven’t filmed anything yet, but it’s a thing.

So, Michelle left a few weeks ago, and this has been a transition time into Phase 3, but now we’re starting it. The biggest thing in Phase 3 will be starting a job. Up to this point, it hasn’t entirely been reality. It has not been a vacation by any means, but I haven’t had any regular thing during most days. I’m really looking forward to it. (By the way, I’ve only mentioned it a couple of times, but I’m starting at ______. I’m going to let this sit for a bit so people know, but then I will delete the old references, and not make any specific references to where I’m working in the future. I would like to blog about something from work if it comes up, but I don’t want to be overt about it in case I say something stupid that _____ wouldn’t like.)

So, yes, I’ll be working and I’ll experience what it’s like to work and look for acting work. I’m starting Phase 3 on the lower end of the confidence scale. I had previously mentioned that in Phase 1 I had been getting a lay of the land and learning so much about the industry and how it all works. In Phase 2 I learned that it is more uphill than I had known. I miss improvising quite a bit and I miss feeling successful. Once, I had written that I hadn’t lost confidence, I had just forgotten that I was confident. That’s how I feel. When I do have blips of success, I don’t think, “Hey, I’m good at this!” I think, “Oh yeah, I remember now, I’m good at this.”

One of my goals for the next phase is to get a commercial agent. I would like to have a regular one too, but I think it’s a realistic goal to get a commercial one. Outside of geting a referral, that means I have to burn DVDs of my reel, put them in an envelope with a headshot and resume, and mail them out.

I also would like to put on more That Guy From…episodes. As I write that, I’m reminded of how much I liked doing it. I need to do another one soon. In Phase 3, I also want to write more. I was talking to my friend, Gio, about that yesterday and I said, “I have a hard time getting a screenplay with just a self imposed deadline, so he gave me one. I like Gio, so I’m going to get it done. Also, I’m scared of the consequences, he’s very intimidating.

Michelle and I will keep evaluating and keep talking our way through Phase 3 as well.

I need a title for Phase 3. Any suggestions?


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  1. Phase # – This is where it gets awesomer. (I know it’s not a word)

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