Day 182. Someone’s Going to be SAG Eligible Soon…

Monday, August 22, 2o11

So, this is good news. My friend, Sean, created a web series called The F-List about struggling actors. It is a SAG project. If you remember, becoming SAG Eligible is something I’ve been striving toward. All of the real Hollywood movies are SAG movies meaning only people in SAG can act in them. There are two downsides to joining SAG, the upfront cost (close to $3,000), and you can no longer work non union projects. But, if you really want to do it right, you want to be in SAG. SAG Eligible means that you have qualified to be in SAG, but you haven’t actually joined. So, the next SAG project that you do, you have to join SAG.

If you remember, you can get into SAG through extra work, or you can be Taft Hartleyed, meaning that the producer is saying to SAG, “We auditioned SAG people, but the only person that is perfect for this role is someone who is non-union. We need them, so we are going to fill out the necessary paperwork to get them in.”

Sean Taft-Hartleyed me into his SAG project.

That means that when the paperwork is processed, I will be SAG Eligible and I can start submitting for real grown up roles in real grown up projects. Since I’m only SAG Eligible it means I can still do non-union work. It is a good limbo state. Then, if I get a good paying job I can use that money toward joining SAG. Also, being SAG Eligible looks good to agents.

Anyway, that is exciting.

Today, I had another day of training for my new job. It was great because I now know more about computers than I ever did before. And, I got to ride my bike to work, which is one of my top five favorite life experiences.


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  1. CONGRATS! That is huge. I am surprise you don’t have 1,203 comments about it here! You deserve it.

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