Day 183. My Memories Were Literally Tossed in the Trash

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My dad told us we were going to have a guys’ weekend in Chicago. This meant that it would be just my dad, me, and my brother Jon hitting the town. My youngest brother, Scott, was only one or two, so he didn’t get to go. I remember specifically that it was 1985 because we got some Chicago Bears playing cards and they were having an amazing season. Gary Fencik, anyone?

It’s the first time I had been into the big city, three hours away. I was very excited and felt like a big kid for the first time in my seven years. A lot of the weekend was hazy, but I vividly remember two things. One, we ate pizza at a place called Mama Mia’s. Two, the Brookfield Zoo. Lincoln Park Zoo was the one that was always advertised on the Bozo Show, but I didn’t need to go to that one. I never really trusted Bozo or Cookie due to the carnival like difficulty of throwing a ping pong ball into a KFC bucket.

It was an overcast day when we were there and we saw all kinds of different animals. I didn’t care too much about the other animals because I wanted to see the kangaroos. My sister, at some point, had declared that koalas were her favorite animal. In light of that, I had to declare one, so I went with the fellow Aussie, the kangaroo. I would write reports about them, and draw them in art class.

Finally, I was going to see one in person. I got out my slim, red camera. They were majestic, and I was snapping a lot of pictures, on top of the ones I had already taken throughout the rest of the zoo.

By the end of the kangaroo room I was out of film.

I was seven and had just gotten the camera so as we were walking out from my first encounter with my favorite animal, I asked my dad, “Dad, what do I do with my film now that it’s used up?”

My dad replied, “I don’t know, I guess you throw it away.”

So, in the trash can outside the kangaroo entrance I opened up my camera, took out the film, and threw it away.

My technophobic dad told me to throw away the film. My memories of my first encounter with my favorite animal were left in the bottom of a trash can. Technology and my dad simply do not mix.

That man’s son (me) is now working at a computer store.

It may be a form of rebellion on my part, I’m not sure. All I know is that I’m up against it here. I’m like Seabiscuit. I wasn’t born for this, it’s going to take a lot of perseverance on my part. My dad is great at a lot of things, but not technology or macho things.

Here is a list of other jobs that I could get that would be the opposite of my dad’s knowledge base:

1. Car Mechanic.

2. TV Remote Control Operator

3. Hunter

4. Fisherman

5. Carpenter

Here is a list of other jobs I could get that would be within my dad’s knowledge base:

1. Bacon Microwaver

2. History Professor

3. Tennis Coach

4. Potato Chip Connoseuir

5. Enya Biographer


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One response to “Day 183. My Memories Were Literally Tossed in the Trash

  1. Leora Houghton

    I can’t stop laughing!

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