Day 184. Variety Show! Part 1

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alright, I’m trying this on my iPhone on my lunch break. We’ll see what autocorrect has to say about it.

You guys, it is so crazy. The ups and downs here. The last couple of weeks I’ve been ready to throw in the towel and hightail it out of here. I just hadn’t had any little victories in a long time and in the absence of positive reinforcement, I felt the opposite. I would like to think I don’t need any external reinforcement, but it’s just not true.

Today, after work, I had a gig. It was at an auditorium in a large housing community (11,000 people), in the middle of the city. This was heat #1. The top two people would move on to the finals for a chance to win $1,000 dollars. There were eight of us.

Let’s do this on a timeline.

5:08: I’m on my bike pedaling away from work. I told them I would get there by 5:30 for a sound check I have to get from Century City through Beverly Hills and into Hollywood.

5:42: I make it. True to form, I’m a hot sweaty mess. I change shirts and put on deodorant in front of a window I would later learn looked into the green room and the inhabitants.

6:01: Sound check. Okay, I need the mic to be on, we’re good.

6:30: I’ve biked back home and I’m cooling off and changing out of red shoes for brown.

6:46: I’m back at the theater sizing up the competition. Here’s what I was facing:
-A seven year old blonde girl who would be singing.
-A country songstress
-A juggler/comedian/magician from New Zealand named Rusty Balls. Yep, Rusty Balls.
-An acoustic guitarist guy who looked like George Harrison.
-A weird singer lady whose dress strap kept breaking and didn’t seem to mind.
-A blind girl acoustic guitarist.
-A comedian lady with bongos.

I was up second.

Mote to come after work…


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