Day 185. What is the Sound of One Forehead Smacking?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am not a computer guy. I’m just not. Computer guys are guys who have been into computers for years and just build up knowledge bit by bit over years. Sure, I played me some Oregon Trail back in the day, but I’ve never been up on things, nor cared too much about the latest and greatest in technology.

Today, I finished my last day of training.

Saturday, I’m released to the hounds on my own.

By hounds, I mean, people who are more knowledgeable than me seeking new computers. They’re going to ask me questions. My only plan, so far, is to ask them Zen like questions in return.

Customer: “What can you tell me about this laptop?”

Me: “That’s a great question, will you tell me what you know about this laptop?”

Customer: “How can I upgrade the RAM my computer?”

Me: “How do you think you can upgrade the RAM on your computer?”

Customer: “Can you tell me about the accessories that are available for this?”

Me: “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

Hopefully, we will both reach enlightenment, because Buddha knows, I need it. I think that tonight I’m going to cram, like a procrastinating freshman who has a history final in the morning. I know that I’ve felt like it’s trial by fire with most jobs I’ve started, but for this one, I feel like I have a lifetime of nerdery to make up. I don’t begrudge nerds, I’m just jealous of them in this moment, and, let’s be honest nerds are hip now.

I’ve got to say, though, I think I’m going to really like this job. The store is always busy, and I love interacting with people in a relaxed environment (i.e. no commission). Once I get all the information down I think I will really like it. Plus, I drove to work today and it took me the same amount of time as it does on my bike, which is great because I love to ride my bike to work.

I’m off to go look up what a Jigabyte is.*

*That is my dad’s joke.


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One response to “Day 185. What is the Sound of One Forehead Smacking?

  1.  for my Apple friends. If you are on a PC, you probably cannot see it. It’s a Macintosh secret handshake essentially.

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