Day 186. Random Tidbits & A Rebuttal From My Dad

Friday, August 26, 2011

Today is a random tidbit sort of a day.

I’ve been upset with Central Casting since I got here, just because there seemed to be a lack of background roles, for people who look like, you know, the background. I called them up yesterday to listen to the outgoing messages of what is available and there was way more up there. I think it is because the TV shows are filming again. The only problem is that now I have a job. It is part time, but my schedule is not totally open.

One of the things I heard fit me perfectly, and it happened to be for Mad Men. Only problem is that it was shooting on the 9th, and I will be in Springfield for a wedding. Michelle would have loved me even more if I could have done that.

I haven’t auditioned for anything in several weeks. I went on vacation with my family, and then had two weeks worth of training for my new job, it feels kind of weird, but I think Abraham Maslow would be proud of me.

I went out to eat last night with some friends at a restaurant I’ve wanted to go to forever. It’s a place called Church and State, and it’s in the old warehouse/industrial area of downtown. A lot of the area is desolate and scary, but random buildings here and there are renovated. I had ratatouille, which was very good. As we were leaving we were walking down to look at an alley because I like alleys, and I like to show people alleys. Two guy came up to us and started talking. Well, one guy talked and the other guy stood behind us and took his jacket off. The front man was talking about random things to us, but the hair definitely went up on the back of my neck. The area a block away from the nice restaurant started looking less like a nice restaurant neighborhood and more like the scary industrial area. I started thinking about how if anything happens my instinct would be to run, but there were girls, so I would have to stay and get beaten up. I am a hero. We ended up being safe.

The problem about writing about your life and telling stories is that the people you write about hear about or read the stories. My dad responded via voice mail to my outing of him as a technophobe. 

Here is his rebuttal:

“Former J-Man (his nickname for me), it is only now that I have recovered from your lampooning of my technological challenges. Getting back to you now, calling you former J-Man. First off, my chiropractor (reader of this blog) mentioned right away as I got down on his chair, talking about my technological problems in various ways, so I thank you for that.

But, one thing I’ve thought about is really, I was way ahead of my time, you neanderthals just didn’t get it, there were going to be disposable cameras, there was going to be take a picture with your phone, there was going to be all that stuff I anticipated where film became useless. I’m a futurist. I don’t apologize for how I’ve been misinterpreted over the years. That’s all I can say, J-Man. You’re back, you were just former J-Man for about 30 seconds. Good bye.”

Fair points by my dad. I had it all wrong. He is a futurist. He should not apologize.

That will be my exact excuse when I talk to customers Saturday who are disappointed in my knowledge of computers. “What? I’m a futurist. I do not apologize.”




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2 responses to “Day 186. Random Tidbits & A Rebuttal From My Dad

  1. My Mom and Dad both worked at the same bank together YEARS after they were divorced. Everyone at that bank reads my blog and when I tell stories on them, I have to remember that. I wrote a column for our local newspaper when I was in HS and had some of the same problems 😉 But on the other hand, if they do crazy stuff someone’s gotta tell the story 😉

    I’ve told Grace (my daughter) and Bryon the same thing, don’t do blog worthy stuff and you won’t make the cut.

  2. Aunt Cathy

    I am laughing hysterically! Yes. Your Dad/my Bro is the GME aka Grand Master of the E-mails – a name I gave him when he finally started to e-mail!
    Aunt Cathy

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