Day 187. First Day On My Own at Work. Don’t Mess it Up.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I was driving through Beverly Hills on my way to work for my first real day on my own of my new job and all I wanted to do was turn around. I felt unprepared and I was certain that I was going to look foolish(er). I’ve started a lot of new jobs before, but I knew I was going to be facing a lot of questions, and I knew that the people asking the questions would assume that I am an expert. BSing stresses me out, and if I got something wrong, it could be a many thousand dollar mistake.

But, like everything else, the time will come where it happens and there is nothing you can do about it. I  went out to the floor and tried to look both friendly and you-probably-don’t-want-to-talk-to-me at the same time. First, I had to ring somebody up who wanted to by some accessory. Now, we have, essentially, little handheld cash registers for each employee. I rang the guy up, gave him his product, and watched him walk to the door, hoping he didn’t set off the alarm because I had done something wrong. Phew, he made it.

Next up, a man who owns a website dealing with videos. He talked my ear off. I listened, and then eventually passed him off to someone else.

By the end of the day, I had sold a few mp3 players, three tablets, two laptops, and a desktop computer, as well as a lot of accessories. It wasn’t so bad, I just asked for a lot of help. I guess I will find out on Monday if I actually sold them and didn’t just give them away because of my idiocy.

I was very comfortable approaching people, although I would say there was an inverse correlation between my friendliness to people and my ability to answer their questions.

Also, the clientele at this particular store in this particular mall is made up of people that I have not really interacted with before. They have a lot of money. They don’t necessarily flaunt it, but they are unconcerned with having to spend more, or just the ticket price in general. For me a $2,000 purchase is something I have thought about and planned for for a really long time.

It turns out that working on your feet all day is tiring. The first three hours of work felt like twelve. I could have gotten a job doing something I know about, but this was the one available, and I might as well just put myself in more situations where I have no idea what is going on. This is my current life mission. It is not so bad. People should be more open to it in big ways and small ways.

I went to my friend, and co-worker, Jeremiah’s house afterwards where we invented a fun game. It was me, Jeremiah, and his roommate’s friend, Jemma. She’s from Australia, like a kangaroo. If you have Netflix streaming, you bring up the screen with the thumbnails of the movie poster and movie title, then you each get a chance to guess what the plot of the movie is based on the title and poster. Whoever is closest wins. It turns out that A Shine of Rainbows is not about a paraplegic boy overcoming all odds, nor a leprechaun and a boy,  but as Jeremiah predicted, it does have something to do with an orphan. Jeremiah wins. As we progressed, our predictions had to be shorter and shorter, from a whole synopsis down to a sentence, down to a word, and finally a noise describing the movie plot.

Someone alert Hasbro.



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