Day 190. Hobbies

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yikes, I’m late on posting anything. Actually having a job really messes with my blogging schedule.

When I was a kid I collected baseball cards and bottle caps. Baseball cards are pretty standard fare, but the bottle caps were my thing. This was back when soda bottles were glass and had metal bottle caps. I had a shoebox sized box that I had them in. My favorites were Diet Rite, because the didn’t make them anymore, and Sunkist, because they were orange. My grandpa, Bud, was the president of a bank, and one day he surprised me with a huge box full of bottle caps. There were all kinds in there, and just so many of them. How easy was it for him to score Grandpa points with me, by essentially brining me metal garbage? I was fascinated with them for awhile and then put them down, only to bring them out in high school as poker chips substitutes.

I’ve been thinking about hobbies lately. I think especially since I’ve started working at a computer store. Computers are a huge hobby for a lot of people. They will know everything about new products that are coming out, and about everything that came out previously.

Some people are enthusiasts about tennis, or about movies, or about craft beer, or photography, or cooking, or any number of things. I’ve never been that way about anything really, even bottle caps. I guess improv might fit into that category, but I just never really looked at it as a hobby.

I suppose a hobby is something that just captures your attention, for reasons beyond what you can explain, and you want to spend time with the hobby, and learn all you can about it. Have you ever been witness to two computer guys talking? It will very quickly move into areas where you wonder if you speak the same language as them.

I thought I never really had a hobby that I was that into. Then, I realized that I do have a hobby along those same lines.

My hobby is people.

I love meeting new people and taking the time to find out about them. The more unique the person, the better. I get really excited by people. Michelle can attest that when I meet someone new, I will excitedly tell her everything I learned about the person when I get home. I think you can tell a great hobby by the amount of discrepancy between your excitement about it, and the lack of excitement for other people you are telling about it.

I like knowing where people are from, I like their stories, I like hearing their perspective on things. When I used to freelance for 417 Magazine, I would always like to interview people for the sake of interviewing, and for the hopes of becoming friends with them. I think it comes across in my love for acting, in that I like to get inside a character’s head and view things from a different perspective. I loved it for hosting a talk show because I didn’t have to feign interest when interviewing someone.

It’s been great for me here because I meet new people all the time. Some people I’m only fascinated with for awhile, and some people I’m fascinated with for longer and they become friends.

I think the more I have my hobby in my life, the better I like it.


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One response to “Day 190. Hobbies

  1. Leora Houghton

    My hobby too. You can’t produce anything for people to look at or listen too, so it doesn’t seem like a hobby but I figured mine out a few years ago!

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