Day 191. Merry Go Zoo Round Karaoke

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I had no idea today would be so random and awesome. Each successive thing just kept making it more and more random.

My friend, Heidi, and I talked about getting some lunch today, but instead we decided to go for a hike instead. As I have mentioned before, I get really excited about old, abandoned buildings. It turns out, the only thing better than old abandoned buildings, are old abandoned zoos. Yes, zoos. On the far end of Griffith Park is the old LA Zoo. Apparently, there is also a new zoo somewhat nearby, but what is the point of that? The old zoo was built in the ‘3os and torn down in the ’60s. This was an era when they didn’t care so much about how the animals were treated.

We parked and hiked aways to get to the old zoo area. We first saw an old cage with the bars and everything, and you can just get right in there and walk around. Then, we had to get around a fence to get to the top part of an old animal’s house. There was a creepy stairwell for the animal to go down to get to the area where the public could view them. We walked all around. There were a bunch of other cages, and we explored all of them.

When we were done with the old zoo, we noticed some rusty fence on the top of a hill/mountain/rocky thing and we decided that we must get to the top. We ended up on some sort of animal trail that had us climbing on all fours near the top. I felt like I was trying to get on top the agrocrag on GUTS. Do you have it?! Upon reaching the top and ducking under a fence, we realized that there was, indeed, an easy trail up to where we were standing. Worth it though.

To recap, we have now been in and out of animal cages in an abandoned zoo, taken some strange route to get to the top of an agrocrage. Things were going to get weirder.

On our way back down, Heidi spotted a coyote on the trail. I was wary, but pretended like I was tough in such situations. We walked past my car and kept going to a merry go round we had seen in the distance. It’s just kind of plopped there in a park near a parking lot. As we walked closer I realized that it was the creepiest thing I had ever seen. The music was blaring, but the horses weren’t moving around the carousel. The thing looked sturdy, but looked like it was 100 years old. There it was, creepy music blaring, waiting to be ridden, but there was hardly anyone in sight. We got some pictures and headed out before a strange clown killed us.


The coolest, most random thing ever happened.

We’re walking back to the car and this happened.

Jeff: What is that on the back of that car?

Heidi: I don’t know, it looks like cages.

Jeff: Let’s walk up to it.

As we walk up to the ’90s Mazda sedan, we hear music. This time, instead of creepy carnival music, we hear Need You Tonight, by INXS, sung by a 50 year old Asian man. He is standing next to the car singing into a karaoke machine strapped to the top of the car. The machine is wedged between the roof of the car, and as we guessed it, bird cages. There were bird cages strapped to the top of the trunk, with beautiful colorful birds on the inside being serenaded by the man. Apparently, his name is Karaoke Pete and he comes to this parking lot and does this everyday.

Not wanting to miss out on a unique opportunity, Heidi took a turn and sang Total Eclipse of the Heart, in a nearly empty parking lot, at 1:30 on a Tuesday. Karaoke Pete got out his camera and took some pictures while I did the same.

Jeff: Well, thanks.

Karaoke Pete: Wait, do you want a picture?

Heidi: Sure

Jeff: Wait, is there a charge for that?

Karaoke Pete: Nope.

Karaoke Pete then got out a small printer from his front seat and set it on the hood. He then scurried around and started the car to help juice up the printer plugged into the lighter socket and began printing out a picture of Heidi singing. While he was doing that I took the opportunity to sing What I Like About You by the Romantics. I sang it to the array of birds on the trunk (all named for various female celebrities), but I dedicated it to Michelle. We thanked Karaoke Pete and left on our way after the strangest day ever.

Abandoned zoo + conquering a mountain + creepymerry go round experience + a one man aviary and karaoke bar on an old Mazda = most random afternoon ever.



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4 responses to “Day 191. Merry Go Zoo Round Karaoke

  1. Jenn Rogers

    It’s almost like you were living in a dream on that random day. It would be a dream for many to have the opportunity to climb the Agrocrag, and top it off with Karaoke bird thing? Amazing. I also like his “We’re All In This Together” photo album that’s laying on the trunk of the car. I’m glad he wrote “just for fun” on the cover, otherwise I’d be worried about your photo going in there. Very, very cool day, Jeff!

  2. Rick Parks

    Karaoke Pete, abandoned zoo, I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t you. Like your different colored socks in the cage, seems very L.A.

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