Day 192. Readers’ Comments

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterday, I retrieved my bike helmet from an apartment complex, had my first Shirley Temple float, and worked all day. That’s it. In honor of that boringness, let’s get up to date on readers’ comments.

From Rick:

Karaoke Pete, abandoned zoo, I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t you. Like your different colored socks in the cage, seems very L.A.

Wow, good eyes. I do have one “pair” of socks that aren’t actually a pair. They are the same sock in different colors. They each had a mate, but I lost both of those, so I put these two together. It’s like two divorcees get married to each other. Interesting that divorcee and fiance are the only two relationship labels we use that are French, and mean the opposite thing from each other.

From Brad

i actually laughed out loud at the pooping dog comment. i feel so cliche and sophmoric to laugh at the poop joke. i thought i was more civilized than that, guess not. fuck you for making me feel this way.

I must say I was happy that the swear time continued into the comments section. Good work people. Mom, can I start a swear time again? No. Okay. Fart you.

From Rockstarp:

what setting is that hipstamatic print on? cool picture.

I use Instagram, actually. I used to use Hipstamatic, but Instagram is definitely the way to go. You can apply a variety of filters after you take the picture. Speaking of which, I seriously need to update my photos page. I apologize to my fan.

From the Restoration Project:

Jeff, I’ve never met you. but I work with Michelle every day. I won’t claim to understand what you two are doing, but I have tears in my eyes as I read this…

I like it when people I don’t know comment, it makes me feel important, even if it makes you cry.

From Lisa VG:

You know who else used your intro idea, The Adjustment Bureau.


From air horn:

You guys are mistaken, and must not be so challenging on the writer. This website looks to be dedicated to stating their own view, which the majority of us have. I hate when individuals check out to talk undesirable about an individual because their view differs from others. Look at on your own just before you are attempting to talk about another person.

Something smells like spam here. Clearly, I am stating my own view, which the majority of us have. Stop checking out to talk undesirable about an individual. Guys, remember to look at and also on your own just before, not a long time before, but just before, you are attempting to talk about another person. This may be spam, but air horn is probably right.

From Melissa:

How are you so good looking? I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I’ve really enjoyed it. You are very funny and well spoken, so I figured that you were very ugly. But, wow, was I wrong, I looked at your picture and saw just how mistaken I was. Please forgive me.

Mujeras, por favor, por favor, s’il vous plait. Well, thanks for asking, obviously not written by me commenter. I’m beautiful on the inside as well, as evidenced by my use of the neti pot.




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2 responses to “Day 192. Readers’ Comments

  1. Sitting at Subway chuckling to myself. People are staring. Job well done.

  2. charlesmcd

    Teach me your blogging ways.

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