Day 193. A Lot of Links

Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh my gosh. This is the latest I have ever posted about a day. This is post is about Friday. I went to bed at 3:00, had to wake up at 7:30 to watch the Iowa football game, got home, and then went straight to work. I’m going to try to get this done before the clock strikes midnight

For Friday, I’m just going to do some good links.

My Grandma Joan has four new posts up on her blog. Four! If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should check it out, she is a really good writer and has a uniques perspective. How many octogenarians do you know that have a blog?

I love the site, Damn You Autocorrect. Autocorrect is a feature, mostly on iPhones, where if you have a typo, it guesses what you meant to say with a given word. It is right a lot of the time, a lot of the time, it is wrong. Most of the time it is dirty.

Here is a clean one:

Another clean one:

These things just slay me. I lose it when I read really good ones.

There is one, I can’t find where two people are talking about the long work week and someone accidentally says, Thank God It’s Fibromyalgia, instead of Thank God It’s Friday.

Here is an interesting article written about the place where I’ve been taking improv classes, UCB. It’s a good piece on improv and making it in Hollywood.

UCB Article

My friend, Lisa, who I used to work with has a great blog of her own. Recently, she wrote a bit about my journey out here. She’s a good writer.

Lisa’s piece

My friend, Jeff Jenkins, of the Skinny Improv, cowrote an adaptation of Hamlet for stage called Hamlet vs. Zombies. I have not had the chance to see it, but it sounds amazing. It’s so amazing that the whole cast is flying out to perform it at the San Fransisco Fringe Festival at the end of next week.

Hamlet vs. Zombies

My new friend and coworker, Josh, does not have a daily blog. He does, however, have a daily vlog. Seriously, he and his girlfriend recently moved here from Pennsylvania, and they update what they’re doing by video, every single day. They are committed.

Josh’s Vlog

Oh geez, I need to publish this fast.



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