Day 200. Wake Up our Best Instincts

Friday, September 9, 2011

Post 200! Can you believe it? I feel like I should have a monumental post for this occasion, however I have to hurry to a wedding at 8 am. The wedding starts at 5 pm, but I’m in the wedding and have to be there at 8 am. 

Instead, I’ll post a monumental post from my favorite contributor, Grandma Joan. I think it’s fitting with the 10 year September 11 anniversary coming up. She has quite a bit of credibility given that she has been around for the Great Depression, WWII, Vietnam, and everything since then. I like that people of her generation talk about citizenry, and being a good citizen. That’s not something you hear about very much anymore. She sent this essay out to the grandkids last week, she does things like that. I used it for my blog, I do things like that.

Here you are, from Grandma Joan.




Think about it.  We were born in Revolution.  Our existence has continued on in conflict.   There have been  periods of  Depression, Recession,  Civil War, and battles with poverty.

We lasted through the  First World War, Roaring Twenties, Bathtub Gin, Prohibition and gangster days.

There was Pearl Harbor, followed by the Second World War.  Struggles for Racial and  Women’s Equality ensued.  Civil Rights rose to the forefront.

We contended with the Bay of Pigs, Korea and Vietnam.  College uprisings and dissension were prevalent. The days of hippies, free love,  and drugs appeared.  We lived through the Cold War.

Nature came into the act with the  extreme droughts of the dust bowl days.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes and floods  have seemingly increased yearly.  Now, we debate about Global Warming.

The space activity came into being—thrilling  the populace  with our ability to see “a man walk on ;the moon”.   Technology took ahold big-time, with all its marvels.

Then, the tragedy of 9—11 arrived, sending us into ten years of wars and losses in man and woman power  and also monetarily.

Through it all, Democracy percolated along  and Americans were, for the most part, optimistic about their futures and had great pride in their country even though times were tough.

Now,  having lived through over eight decades of  difficult, but hopeful  times,  I am feeling more concerned about our country than ever.

Oh yes, there is the constant concern about the economy, unemployment, health care, immigration, foreign entanglements, education and of course, nature’s tremendous onslaughts.

However, my present worry is not  only all of these things, but rather the general state of  mind of the populace: namely the lack of faith in our leaders and the constant bickering among them and  the seeming lack of faith in our government.   Confrontations,  childish insults, and shout-downs  and taunts consume the media.  It is as though we are harboring hate as well as anger and disrespect for our fellow citizens.

Civility is walking out the door, and with it goes our self respect and our great pride in America.

Lately, life is consumed more than ever by   feelings of  “Not in my Backyard”; and “Give me Mine”,  “Making an  Underhanded Deal”, ”What’s in it for ME?”,  “What is the Best Path for me to Stay in Office?”, “It’s My Way or the Highway, Folks”, and more recently indulgences by some of our leaders in unlawful financial, political  and sexual activities.

The sexual revolution has had its own problems with near-nudity in everyday life and vulgarity in the entertainment industry.  Language has become careless and often obscene.  There is sort of an “anything goes” mentality.

Sometimes it seems as though we just cannot get it together; and have forgotten how to work together and compromise.

Surely we can recoup the faith and hope that our Founders lived by.

It is not too late.—-but it is high time for each of us to be an example of good  caring citizenry  in the way we live and communicate and care about others.

Let’s get it together, and each sacrifice a little for  others remembering “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one).  (Motto of the U. S. which appears on the Great Seal and the U. S. quarter.)

Come on, America:





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