Day 204. Video of the Parking Lot Karaoke

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

People have been interested in my story about singing karaoke, in an empty parking lot, on a small stereo system on top of a car, with bird cages on the trunk, that I posted about, here, a couple of weeks ago.

Well, it’s time you saw video of it. Nothing truly happens anymore, unless there is video proof. Here is Heidi singing Total Eclipse of the Heart in an empty parking lot. Standing next to her is Karaoke Pete. Please take special note of the cinematography, I tried to make it look like a real music video. Watch quickly because Heidi may make me take this down soon.

Also, did you believe me when I talked about the creepy, creepy empty carousel in that post? Here is proof of that.





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2 responses to “Day 204. Video of the Parking Lot Karaoke

  1. Andy Walser

    Hey Jeff! That’s the only working Spillman Carousel in existence! it also has the largest band organ on the West coast reportedly, but that just sounds braggy. (Bet you didn’t know Iowans knew so much about carousel history.)

  2. YES!! I love the videos, and I officially request more of them… daily.

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