Day 208. Failure at Football

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What day am I? I have no idea. I got behind. I’m hoping there will be two posts today.

Saturday, I woke up early to go watch the Iowa football game at a bar. It was the most depressing game ever. Through three quarters we were down 24-3 and we couldn’t do anything. Then, we turned it on for the biggest comeback in Iowa history and won the game 31-27. It was crazy. I gave myself a lot of high fives.

I’ve always really liked football a lot. I grew up going to Iowa Football games. I never played organized football. I played more the, “run to the tree, go around it twice, play dead, jump up, and run back towards me and I’ll throw it to you,” in the backyard kind of football. To this day, I much prefer playing catch with a nerf football, or a small rubber one. But, that’s mostly because I have small hands and real footballs are so huge. They are so big.

It was never more apparent to me that I wasn’t cut out for real football than when my friend, Nate, and I decided that we would try out for the Springfield Wolfpack, a semi pro arena football team in Springfield to video tape The Mystery Hour. I’ve always considered myself fairly athletic, but as you can see from this video, I have aways to go.



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3 responses to “Day 208. Failure at Football

  1. My favorite Mystery video ever! Nice work, least worse.

  2. Scott

    I will always remember the night at the Houghton’s BBQ, where i was a bit drunk and was referring to you as dad/coach and you were giving me pass routes to run. Then the pass route turned into me running through your back yard, through the gate, and always remembering to shut it so I wouldn’t let the dog out, continuing to run around to the front of your house, but avoiding all the inconveniently parked cars, and you staying in the back launching the nerf football over you entire house. The countless attempts, a couple of straight face shots and one successful catch made for one of the most fun nights of my life!
    Also I would just like to point out how big I made your house sound, and that you have a lot of cars!

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