Day 215. Tired=Bad Decisions

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boy, I am just a working stiff now. Honestly, I thought when I got a part time job that I would be working a few days a week, maybe getting 20-25 hours a week. This has not been the case. I don’t want to complain at all about working, because everyone has to do it, I was looking for so long, and I need the money. However, right now, my job is not my priority.

Man, it feels like all I do is go to and from work these days. If I choose to fit something else into my day, I get tired the next day. I get two days off a week. You know what this feels like? Regular life. In this time that I’ve dubbed Phase 3, that was one of my goals. I wanted to see what it is like to be realistic in terms of seeing what this going for Hollywood thing feels like with a job. It feels like regular life, tiring. Also, in LA, your workday is extended for all intents and purposes, by at least an hour for commuting purposes. I’m lucky, it only takes me like a half an hour to get to work, it takes longer for most people.

Yesterday, I got an energy drink and a Butterfinger. I drink a lot of caffeine now. I don’t like coffee, so it’s mostly energy drinks and caffeine. Do you ever notice when you’re really tired that you think, “Screw this, I’m eating what I want. I’m tired, I deserve it.” I wonder if all the worst decisions in history were done just because the person was tired. “I didn’t want to assassinate Kennedy, I had just been working so many hours, and eating too many spicy foods after 9:00, it just seemed like a good idea,” said Lee Harvey Oswald. “Bernie Madoff seemed like I nice guy, and I was so tired. I just gave him all my savings.”

In college, I used to pull all nighters fairly often. It was a mixture of being really driven and being really good at procrastinating. One finals week, I had to stay up all night two nights in a row because the computer I was using had a virus and lost my 20 page paper. Thank you, Acer.

The second night, I went crazy. I was no longer quite of this world. My mind had a hard time functioning with normal thoughts. As I sat at the kitchen table working at about 3:00 am, I knew I had to have some sleep. However, if I laid down, I was never going to get back up again. If I sat down, I ran the same risk. In a moment of weird sleep deprived logic, I looked at the corner in the kitchen and thought, “I bet I can sleep for a few minutes standing in the corner.” So, I walked over to the corner and leaned forward with my head, and let the corner walls support my body weight. Then, I slept for about fifteen minutes. When I woke up, I thought, “I can’t believe I just slept standing up.” I worked for about a half hour longer, was seduced by the comforts of the corner again, and fell asleep standing up once again.

It’s going to be trouble when Michelle and I have a baby someday.



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5 responses to “Day 215. Tired=Bad Decisions

  1. Scott

    HAHAHAHA!!! You filled in the missing blank!!! We have been wondering so long why Oswald assassinated Kennedy!!! Brilliant, obviously this caffeine is having some effect on you much like NZT gives Bradley Cooper in Limitless! I just watched it and that’s why the reference is existing right now.

  2. “Bernie Madoff seemed like I nice guy, and I was so tired. I just gave him all my savings.” << Priceless.

  3. I once heard someone talk about decision making. She said think of the acronym H.A.L.T. before making a big decision. They stand for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and/or Tired. This suggests never to make a big decision or have an important discussion if you are any one or more of the above. I blame H.A.L.T. for my current state of affairs. It seems I can never make a decision because I am inevitably one of the above at any given moment.

  4. Amanda Rehani

    I make bad food decisions a lot when I’m tired. It also turns into a bad wallet decision when I have perfectly good food in the fridge yet I decide to spend $10 on sushi at the grocery story. The sushi isn’t even that fantastic!

  5. Brian

    Oh great! Sharon and I are having a baby 😉

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