Day 217. Readers’ Comments

Monday, September 27, 2011

Let’s have a look at readers’ comments today.

From Tracy:

If Tyler promises to make you his bestman, will you find him someone to marry? (I have to approve, of course.)

This was in response to my post about the wedding I was in. Sorry, Tracy, somehow this feels illegal.

From Andy:

Hey Jeff! That’s the only working Spillman Carousel in existence! it also has the largest band organ on the West coast reportedly, but that just sounds braggy. (Bet you didn’t know Iowans knew so much about carousel history.)

Andy is referring to the creepy, creepy carousel I stumbled upon. Please tell me you googled that, and didn’t know it off the top of your head. The only thing creepier than the carousel, is someone that already knew about it, from Iowa.

From JC:

I once heard someone talk about decision making. She said think of the acronym H.A.L.T. before making a big decision. They stand for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and/or Tired. This suggests never to make a big decision or have an important discussion if you are any one or more of the above. I blame H.A.L.T. for my current state of affairs. It seems I can never make a decision because I am inevitably one of the above at any given moment.

So, JC, that is awesome. Everyone else, write that down. I will agree, I am almost always H and T. Speaking of which, I wonder if I could fly if I jump off the roof holding a sheet. I’m going to go find out.

From Joy

Thank you for posting this wonderful remembrance of Matt. I think I’ve met you a couple of times – I’m good friends with Kevin Kampfe and quickly fell into the same circle of friends as Matt when we started at Luther. I love that you posted a rainbow picture – one of my favorite pictures from freshman year is Matt outside our dorm after a rainstorm, SO excited for the double rainbow. Thanks again, and good luck in your CA Adventure.

Thanks for commenting, Joy. I remember meeting all of you guys. Thanks for sharing the story.

From Rick:

Can’t give up the forts. Was nothing more fun then rolling down a grassy hill in a cardboard box.

I loved forts, like any boy. However, the second thing you mentioned just sounds scary. Was the box closed? Was there anything else in the box? I’m picturing you climbing into a box with a grill in it, then having a friend push you down a hill. Yikes.

From Steve:

Is it inappropriate to ask how much you make for a day like that? Lawyers get to ask personal questions :)

Then, I will answer you in a lawyerly way. The subject, henceforth referred to as “Mad Man,” is not required to divulge earnings on a blog, or any other web based information delivery platform. Mad Man will acknowledge that he was bequeathed a sum of American dollars, but will plead the 5th amendment as to the amount paid as an actuarial number, doing so would incriminate Mad Man, for income he was not planning to report to the IRS.

From Jeremiah:

“we even look back fondly on the hump” – “don’t let the hump stop you”

Words to live by!

I wanted to end the post in a funny way, but it seemed sincere enough that I didn’t want to screw it up with a stupid joke. I don’t have those qualms in this post. What I wanted to write was, “It’s time we take a page out of Fergie’s book and start to appreciate the humps in our life, our humps, our humps, our humps, our humps.”


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One response to “Day 217. Readers’ Comments

  1. Rick Parks

    Dear Jeff, regarding hills and boxes. Most of the time we took out the grill, but the refrigerators were too heavy, so we just left them in. When we got to the bottom of the hill in a box, with open ends, it turned into a tank and you rolled it around on your knees. Geez, didn’t you Iowa kids know what was fun.

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