Day 226. Facebook News Feed From Throughout History. Again

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I feel like posting something from my old blog, that I haven’t done much with for awhile.

This is one called Facebook News Feed From Throughout History.

Now, you may have read something similar to this from someone else, because someone else did one and it got like millions of hits. Honestly, honestly, I did this before that hoser. Actually, that person is probably very nice, I’m just still bitter because I indeed did mine first, to very little fanfare. I coulda been a contenda.

The formatting of Facebook is still pretty similar to this, but not the original one I wrote, it was pre=pictures for everything.

Here it is:

(Check out the original Facebook News Feed From Throughout History. Click Here)

Facebook News Feed From Throughout History II

 Abraham Lincoln is attending Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre

John Wilkes Booth likes this

 Ronald Regan>Mikhail Gorbachev: Tear down this wall

 The 1980’s likes Cocaine

 Emporer Trajan Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we’ve moved. Here’s our new address: Everywhere.

 Betsey Ross Oh great, now I have carpal tunnel

Harriet Tubman was tagged in an album


 Harriet Tubman Whoever tagged me in pictures, untag me! We’re supposed to be underground. Seriously!

 Abraham>Isaac Thinking about going into the wilderness this weekend, you in?

 Martin Luther tagged The Holy Catholic Church in his note: 95 Theses

George Washington Carver likes Peanut Butter

Reginald Worthington What’s that?

George Washington Carver You’ll see

Sigmund Freud Going to see my mother this weekend

Id Go for it

Ego Think about it

Super Ego That sounds like a bad idea

 Isaac>Abraham Sounds like fun, what’s the occasion?

President Howard Taft Anyone have some WD-40, or butter, or something like that?

 Joseph Smith Lately, I feel like I’m seeing things.

 Lenni Lenape Anyone know if $24 is a good price for an island?

 Paul Revere Remember, it’s one like if by land, two likes if by sea.

2 people like this

 Abraham>Isaac No reason, just a father/son bonding trip


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