Day 229. Our X Factor Show Aired

Saturday, October 8, 2011

You may remember that Michelle and a couple friends and I went to a taping of the X Factor in July. Well, it finally aired. We were front row behind the judges and we weren’t sure if we would get any camera time, but I was determined. My policy was simple, if anyone was close to talented, I would jump up and give them a standing ovation to get on camera and get the crowd going.

I watched through the clips posted online, and unfortunately, you can’t see my friends, and you can’t see Michelle, but you can see me. I’m right beside LA Reid on the end, whenever they show all the judges.

This guy was alright, not amazing, but he was alright. Did I lead a standing ovation, heck yeah. You can see my two strategies in play here. I jumped up for the standing O, then I stayed standing late, knowing that they would have a sweeping shot of them heading up the aisle.

If you scroll down past his video, there are a bunch more. We’re in most of them. They actually shot two shows on that day and we were only there for one. You can tell immediately if it was one we were at or not, because it’s either me, or a girl in my seat. The sneaky thing is that you can tell that they will splice up the shots, because in the same performance it will go from me to the other girl to me behind the judges, so obviously, some of the comments they are making to each other aren’t about the person that just performed. The magic of TV. It is the only instance where I will occasionally turn into a teenage girl.

The group Stereo Hogs is an example of it:

I turn into a teenage girl when they’re discussing, and Michelle turns into an African American couple.

There was one that was actually worthy of a standing ovation. She was awesome.

Here she is:

In this one you can see Michelle briefly right behind Nicole Schlesinger towards the end. You can also see me employing my stand up longer than anyone else tactic. Also, you can see the hot young blondes they planted behind Simon and Paula.



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4 responses to “Day 229. Our X Factor Show Aired

  1. Rick Parks

    Thank you for my first laugh out loud of the month. Magic of TV, my only instance to occasionally turn into a teenage girl. That is funny.

  2. Marthy

    Hey – I want to see you in the audience of a Dr. Phil show! It is usually full of women, so you are sure to stand out in the crowd!

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