Day 231. I Spy

Monday, October 11, 2011

When I was interning at Letterman eleven years ago, I appeared in a few sketches. In one of them, I was behind a table with my fellow interns eating tacos. We were on stage and we were supposedly doing some public service by eating taco shells to determine which taco shell brands were edible. At the end, the guy next to me, Eddy passed out with blood spewing out of his neck. It was funny.

At home watching it was a girl I had met during the previous summer at new staff training for Young Life. She didn’t know I was living in New York, working for Letterman. She was confused while watching and apparently freaked out when she recognized me, because she assumed I was in Iowa. On Sunday night, I got a Facebook post from her saying, “This is going to sound weird, but did I see you sitting behind LA Reid on the X-Factor?” What? How is that possible? No one else saw it that I didn’t tell about it. The same girl spotted me on TV eleven years apart. Craziness. Has she been looking for me on TV since 2000? I imagine she was quite relieved when she finally found me again. She has amazing eyesight, in both instances, it was fairly brief.

Today, I also had my first class of Level 3 improv at UCB. It was fun, it was nice to start with two of my friends in the class. I say it was fun, but it was mostly class. They take it fairly seriously, and take a very cerebral approach to it. It has been an interesting process for me each time I start a class. My ego says to me, “You have to be one of the best in the class. Prove yourself!” While, my more reasonable side says, “Enjoy being a student.” My ego is in the lead at first, but eventually my reasonable side takes over. It’s all about getting over the hump.

I rode my bike to class. I hadn’t been to a class for a long time, and as I was riding, I was reminded of my mindset when I was riding my bike to class in the spring. It was very interesting to me how much things have changed since then. Everything was new back then, and I was so hopeful and naive. Now, I’m much more realistic about how things happen here. It’s not better or worse, but it was very different. I’m a salty old timer now.


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One response to “Day 231. I Spy

  1. That is amazing she found you TWICE in 11 years. Maybe she has a wall of TV’s set up and watches them all at once?

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