Day 232. My Slam Poetry Premiere

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When I was living in Michelle’s parents’ basement, I would love to watch Def Poetry Slam on HBO. I had never seen slam poetry before, and I just loved it. I went a few times to the local slam poetry night in Springfield and I had one of the better poets on The Mystery Hour once, too. I even wrote some of my own, but I was too nervous to read them at one of their slams. At one point, I read one at a small, local bookstore for their poetry night. You see, I’m used to being in front of people performing. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. However, I’m used to being funny in front of a crowd, I’m not used to being artistic, or sincere, or sad so much, it’s a whole different ballgame. If you’re in front of people doing something sincere, you’re sharing part of yourself that’s a little more tender, and that scares me more than doing comedy.

I never read at a slam poetry night in Springfield. Through some weird logic, I decided I could do it here though, because it scared me so much. At some point, I decided that if something scared me, then that was reason enough to do it. I’ve been to the poetry slam a couple times before and just loved it. I decided that I had to read a poem at it. Since I decided it and it scared me, I was going to be pissed at myself if I didn’t do it.

So tonight, I did it.

I told people I was going to do it so I would have people to be accountable to, then I got there early so I could sign up. The night is divided into two halves, and I didn’t get there in time to sign up for the first half, so I would have to do the second half of the show. The first half was awesome. I jumped to the sign up line when it was done and got signed up fourth. After that, I just wanted to bolt, get out of there. I’m no good at this. My poem rhymes, and they’re not supposed to rhyme. I could be in my room in 5 minutes.

But, I finally got called up and I read.

It is a poem I posted on here back in the spring, so I don’t mind showing it. I don’t know if it was great, or bad, I’m not an analyst like I am with my comedy, I was just happy to do it. I got a few snaps at one point, a “woo,” a “mmm hmmm,” and a “Wow” at the end, so that was pretty cool. This wasn’t quite a bucket list thing for me, it wasn’t that big, but it we’ll call it something on my Tupperware list.



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2 responses to “Day 232. My Slam Poetry Premiere

  1. DANG that was good! If I were there I would have went crazy like it sounds like the crowd did. NICE WORK MYSTERY

  2. Nice. It was great live! Keep it up 😉

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