Day 240. Less Money Mo’ Problems

Wednesday, October 21, 2011

Every once in awhile I get reminded about how weird my situation is here. Actually, it happens quite a lot. I have a new normal in a lot of regards, and in others I am very aware of how I flipped my life upside down, and not normal. When I’m busy I tend to not think about it much, it’s more when I have time on my hands, or in the mornings, or when obstacles appear that would have just been ordinary part of life before, that now feel like bigger deals.

Michelle and I always thought we didn’t have money before, but now it’s actually true, the six months in LA without a job took it’s toll, and now I’m not exactly getting rich. Last week, Michelle found out that she had to get new tires and a new AC compressor for her car. Those are fairly normal repairs, and we would have been disappointed in our previous reality, but now it bites us quite more deeply. I really feel for people that have to live on the edge of having enough money, it is stressful. We have voluntarily put ourselves in this position while some people can’t see how to get out of it. It’s just weird wondering if the next thing will break you, it changes your approach to things. I feel like this year’s taxes are going to be a red flag to the IRS because of how much drastically less money I’ve made this year.

It goes with out saying that life apart is pretty difficult for Michelle and I. In this world that is both physically and ego exhausting, being apart is probably the most wearing. Luckily, she is coming out next week for a few days. It will be nice, we will be reminded about how when you get married you are supposed to spend a lot of time together. It’s fun to do exciting things together, but it’s more about doing the ordinary together, which we haven’t had for a long time and only poorly replicated it when we are together.

We realized the other day that we communicate with each other in a wide variety of ways now. We call, text, Facetime, e-mail, Facebook, Tweet, send pictures on text, send videos on text, use an app called Hey Tell, use another app called Instagram. Honestly though, the sum of those communication lines doesn’t beat sitting on the couch together.


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One response to “Day 240. Less Money Mo’ Problems

  1. Leah

    Don’t worry too much about the IRS. There are a lot of people in this climate that have gone from two to one income. Plus, if you ever are audited, the IRS will pretty quickly see that it is not tax evasion or fraud, unless you are making a ton of cash and shipping it out of the country. Rest easy my friend. The Lord has dressed the lily in splendor greater than Soloman and it does not bend or toil. He’s got this.

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