Day 249. Michelle Arrived and Saved my Tetris Game

Friday, October 28, 2011

You know what’s better than picking your wife up from the airport after not seeing her for six weeks? Nothing. It’s the best. 

There really isn’t much that can top it. Most of the time I actually don’t feel super sad missing her, I kind of shut it out. It’s when I am with her that I realize the extent to which I shut it out and how much I am lacking when she’s not around. It’s like I’m playing Tetris and I’ve been holding out for a long piece. Michelle is my long piece. It’s such a relief when the long piece finally arrives. Here is the long piece arriving. As you can see, I hit the down arrow when she arrived.

We had a great day. We came back, dumped her stuff off and then walked down to Blu Jam, our favorite little breakfast place. Then, we came back to the house and took an awesome nap. This is a feature of our times together since I can’t nap without her around for some reason. I woke up and didn’t remember where I was, which puts it at a solid 3, one level away from 4, where you wake up with a drool spot. We drove to Manhattan Beach to hang out. I hadn’t ever been there and was tired of Santa Monica, the closest beach. We saw dolphins and little kids with sunglasses on, two of the most joy inducing things out there.

Then we played catch with the frisbee. One of the best features of Michelle is her ability to throw a frisbee. I love frisbee, but I had always assumed I would be stuck in a frisbee-less marriage someday. I had resigned myself to the idea. Then came Michelle with her surprisingly strong wrist and I knew she was the one. Seriously, though, for whatever reason there was something soul satisfying about playing catch with the frisbee with my wife on the beach in the late afternoon.

As the sun was starting to set we grabbed a seat at a restaurant/bar with a view of the sunset and the World Series game. I have to say I was torn about the game, on the one hand I’m a lifelong Cubs fan, so I’m not supposed to like the Cardinals, on the other hand I have a lot of friends that are Cardinals fans, and I wanted them to be happy. I ended up being happy they won, I think. Go National League.

Our night kept chugging forward as we hopped in the car to drive to Santa Monica to celebrate the game with our friends Evan and Kerstin, who are big Cardinals fans (well, Evan is a big Cardinals fan and Kerstin is a big fan of being married to Evan). After our great day and evening in Los Angeles, we were reminded of the dark side of Los Angeles as we ended up in traffic on the God forsaken 405, moving nowhere. We called to cancel our rendezvous and drove home, which took an hour and a half.



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2 responses to “Day 249. Michelle Arrived and Saved my Tetris Game

  1. Rick Parks

    Frisbee-less marriage is classic. How bout them Cards.

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