Day 257. Mutemath, Dopplegender, Dead Miss Piggy

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I’m still alive people! Let’s do this.

*Friday, my episode of We The People with Judge Gloria Allred aired. It will be on Netflix soon. Also, I will post about it, since it already aired.

Today, I worked. Then, I went to my friend, Jeremiah’s house after we got off work and watched an amazing Iowa-Michigan football game that Jeremiah DVR’d. Iowa had a goal line stand from the 3 yard line in the final seconds to win the game. I told that sentence to Michelle, and she said she didn’t “need to hear all the details.” So, for the non-sports fans, I won’t expound on that. Jeremiah and I have a deal, he provides me with DVR, and I provide him with rides places, it’s symbiotic and beautiful.

My friends, Darren and Todd are in a band called, Mutemath. They were in town again to play the Tonight Show because they’re like a real and legit band. Jeremiah and I met them in their hotel room and then went to a bar in Silver Lake to hang out. Four things about this night. One, their other friends are very cool and fun and funny, I like them. Two, one of Darren’s friends, Amber does some extra work to make money. Get this, she was also on Mad Men, the same day, same scene as me! What the? There were like fifteen of us. I had hung out with her once before that, but we didn’t recognize each other, probably because we were in the 1960s, so we had yet to meet in 2011. I’m telling you, Hollywood is not that big.

Three, we invented a fun party game, I’ve decided to call, Dopplegender. Instead of trying to find someone’s celebrity doppleganger, like everyone does, you try to find their opposite gender doppleganger. It’s much more difficult, but also much more satisfying if you land on the right one. People got really into it, everyone was on their phones looking up pictures to try to find the right one. It’s the only social gathering scenario where it is appropriate. The biggest success of the night was a girl with us who we decided looked like Dave Grohl. It was perfect, and she was flattered. The closest one for me was Jenny McCarthy. Todd even sent me a pic of our faces side by side. Obviously, I don’t have all of her attributes, but that’s what makes it fun. I’m just flattered. Play with your friends, just be sure to attribute it to me.

Four, Mutemath was on the Tonight Show the same night as Miss Piggy, who was on to promote the new Muppet movie. Yes, I’m completely aware that she is a puppet, however, during rehearsal they witnessed them rehearsing for Miss Piggy. The guest’s chair was empty except for a hand coming up the middle of it. Obviously, Miss Piggy gets impaled on it, that’s how puppets work, but I hadn’t ever thought of it. They also said that they saw her without a puppeteer and it was just disturbing that once the hand left her body, she was just a limp, dead Miss Piggy. Unlike other guests on the Tonight Show who hang out with friends after the show, Miss Piggy dies. Try to unforget that.

To summarize the day: Work-Football-Dopplegender-Dead Miss Piggy


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