Day 263. Responses to Readers’ Comments

Friday, November 11, 2011

I realized that it has been a long time since I have posted responses to reader comments. It is time I did that. Let’s do that. Yeah, let’s.

By the way, I don’t think that I have mentioned that a little while ago, I added a bunch of photos to the Photos page. You should check them out, here.

From Marthy:

“Congrats, Jeff! We’re proud of you. Miss you a lot!”

-Marthy is the mixing Mark and Dorothy. They are two of the kindest people I know. I always described them as the cool aunt and uncle of the Skinny Improv. For several years, they came to, literally, most all of the Skinny Improv shows. They took me to dinner before I moved even. I like hearing from them.

From Brad:

“i see a very large cat with a monocle sitting in a queen back chair and when the newsstand guy comes home, he strips and jumps on Lord of the Nine Lives’s lap waiting to be petted. There is a desk with blueprints to Fort Knox and dogs with radio transmitters.”

-This was in response to my call for ideas about what the creepy newsstand guy I met has in his apartment. I got so many good and scary comments, both here and on Facebook. People funnier than me read this blog.

From Lisa:

“Whew! I just searched my name + naked and nothing came up. Thank God…. for everyone.”

-Thanks for taking that bullet, Lisa.

From Frank:

“I feel that anyone that agrees 100% with either party is not being true to themselves. I find it annoying when someone listens to what the “right” or “left” has to say and shapes their beliefs and values on the party. Versus just saying “Okay, I agree with more Republican policy than Democrat” and move on.
You covered politics and abortion. I request religion next! hehe.”

-Frank, your wish is granted, maybe. I’m formulating one, we’ll see.

From Rick:

“1) Tell the truth. Did you have to look up how to spell gangrenous?
2) Could you order me a boo-thang 4S before Xmas. I would like a white one.
3) Your hilarious!!! I didn’t even have to look that word up.”

1) Amazingly, no! I’m a good speler.

2) Okay, but I would recommend buying the extended warranty.

3) You said “Word up.” Awesome.

From Chris:

“By the way, totally off topic, but I really enjoy how everyone has got their own little design for the comments. I think mine looks like a black hole, with little pathways leading into it. So many ways in….”

-Chris, you’ve got to follow the instructions on the cough syrup, you have obviously had too much.

From Matthew:

“I think finding joy in the ordinary is the only way to be truly happy. Otherwise, you’ll wind up on an endless pursuit of something more exciting. Of course you have to spice up ordinary life a little here and there, and change things if they’re causing you to be miserable, but you (and when I say “you” I’m really talking about me because I can only speak from my own experiences and I’ve been giving myself a lot of advice lately) have to be happy with what you have at any moment. Here’s my (new) philosophy on this: pretend that at any moment time could stop and you’d (I’d) be forced to live in that moment for ever. Is it a moment worth being stuck in? If not, get out of it quickly before the clock stops. But if it is worth being stuck in, then slow down and appreciate it. Do your best to hold onto it because nothing lasts forever.”

-Good stuff, man.

As usual, the commenters are more funny and insightful than me.


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  1. I kinda like that I was mentioned TWICE in your blog. And I was not naked this time. So that is good.

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