Day 264. That Guy From… is back!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I had a show tonight! I don’t think I even mentioned it on here, but we had the next installment of That Guy From… with Jeff Houghton, my late night talk show in my friend Ross’s loft. Our guest confirmed on Wednesday, so we just threw it together last minute. Actually, we weren’t sure if we were going to have enough people on such short notice, that we mostly threw it together after Friday afternoon.

Let’s recap the show.

First, here is a video I made for the show. As may know, I work at a store that sells computers, among other things. As you may also know, I am not a computer guy. As you can surmise, this makes for some interesting encounters with customers. Luckily, we have some surveillance videos of one of those encounters.

To remind you, we do the show in Ross’s loft, it’s intimate, which is another way of saying it’s small. Right before the show started I remembered that we didn’t have any pictures from the last show, so I threw my phone to my friend Marnie to take pictures.

As a surprise to the audience, everyone in attendance got a free ginger ale and Rolo under their seat. Dave, my first guest, gave me a hard time for picking the soda that people would be least likely to care to choose on their own. I disagree.

Here is the set up from in front of the video camera. It seats 15-20. The intro video is playing, which looks suspiciously like the Mystery Hour intro.

Here I am apparently explaining something awesome. Look at the boom mic on the right side. Whoever happened to sit front row, right side got the honor of holding the boom mic.

Here I am with the first guest, Dave Theune telling a story about driving across the country with his dad. Dave is That Guy From…the Stanley Steemer commercials. There are a lot of them. He has also been a McDonalds spot, and a Monday Night Football spot. In addition, he performs improv all over town and is ridiculously funny.

Next up, this is Danny, who is my friend/tech operator/actor who is seen here playing the role of my cousin, Jason, the composite of every Facebook friend you find annoying. That is not his real hair, but I think it could be if he grew it out.

Next up is something we never did with the Mystery Hour, but something that I love. Before the show, we had audience members write the first line, or a one sentence summary, of their favorite true story from their lives. I pulled one out of the hat that said, “I was in first grade home alone, when the doorbell rang…” I called the author up interviewed that person.

Then he got up from the interview really, really fast.

Finally, two-time Mystery Hour guest, and current LA resident, Lee Ellen Starks, played music to end the show.

While I drank ginger ale.



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3 responses to “Day 264. That Guy From… is back!

  1. Marthy

    Sweet! Wish we could have been there. I would have traded my Ginger Ale for the Rolo of the guy beside me!

  2. Man, I miss the Mystery Hour, and I feel left out not getting to see this! I am happy it went well, I bet that crowd has a great energy.

  3. Nate

    Sounds like fun. Lee Ellen is amazing.

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