Day 270. The Bridge to Nowhere

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Bridge to Nowhere. That is where I went on a hike today, and no it wasn’t in Alaska, but yes, I almost didn’t make it. One thing I’m good at is being oblivious to things, and in that regard I really shined today. I got in my car and drove through Hollywood to the 101, to the 10, to the 605, to the 210, to Hwy 39, and up into the mountains. I had gotten a long ways in when I looked down to see that I was going to run out of gas at any moment. I was up in the mountains on tight roads with no shoulders and no cell phone service. I was certain that I was a dead man.

I turned the car around, turned the air off and started making my way back, putting the car in neutral at every spot with the slightest of decline to the road. Lucky for me a lot of it was downhill. Eventually, I made it to a gas station, but I was so lucky. I started thinking about who I would eat if I go stranded for too long only to realize that I was the only option.

I drove back up to the trailhead, getting there at about 1 pm. The trail was awesome with a lot of river crossings and some fairly difficult parts. The difficulty was increased by the fact that I got lost a few times. Get this, I also walked by a bunch of people who were panning for gold. Yes, they were actual prospectors with equipment and everything. I talked to one of them about it who had a white head pimple right beside his nostril, I didn’t say anything because I’ve been there. Apparently, people find flakes and more in the river there. He also said that a lot more people head up there to look since the economy crashed. Crazy. I said he could mine his pimple for gold, because it was obviously there. No I didn’t, I was alone, and I’m nice, and I just thought of it right now.

Eventually, I wound my way to the bridge, which was built in 1936, by one of the Depression era government work agencies. However, they never finished the road on one side of it, making it a bridge to nowhere, it just goes straight into the mountainside. It is one of the only places in California for bungee jumping. I love being so close to great hiking.

I got home, showered, and went to some friends’ house to watch Gremlins. They have people over for 12 Christmas related movies leading up to Christmas. Brilliant. I hadn’t ever seen the movie because I was too scared of it when I was a kid, which I totally understand when watching it as an adult. The scariest part was the guy who made loud sarcastic comments throughout the movie about the plausibility of different aspects of the film. He should have just seen the premise of a little furry creature the multiplies when wet and stopped there. Don’t be that guy. No one wants to be around that guy.


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