Day 276. The Blackest of Fridays Awaits

Thursday, November 25, 2011

I have rarely been away from family on Thanksgiving. Once, I was studying in Wales, and it didn’t matter too much because they didn’t care about Thanksgiving. Heathens. The other  time was when I was interning at Letterman. We shot an episode that day, so it felt kind of like work, although there was a Thanksgiving meal provided and an amazing view of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. We were eye level with a lot of the inflatable creatures.

Today, I went to my friend Evan and Kerstin’s apartment. They made a great Thanksgiving meal.

Here is a list of things that we did:


-Played catch with a nerf football (I don’t like big footballs, my hands are too small).

-Sat on the couch and watched TV/movies.

That, my friends, is a great Thanksgiving. Friday, I will work Black Friday and long for a couch. I would like to live blog it, but I’m afraid that would result in my firing. I’ll see what I can remember.

Here are some alternate names for Black Friday:

-What our Forefathers Fought For Day

-Lose Your Shit Day

-Savings After Cravings Day

-The Wounds will Heal, Get the Deal Day

-The Botulism of Capitalism Day

-Camping for a Cause Day

-The Percentage of the Deal is the Same Percentage of my Mind I Will Lose Day

-You Can be Damn Sure that that Hussy with the Cankles, Stretchy Pants, and the Wolf Sweatshirt is not Going to Get to the Discounted Microwaves Before Me, I Will Cut Her if I Have to–Day

-Take That Communism Day

-Regret Day

-Black Heart Friday



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